Mensch tract, und Gott lacht: Giving guidance on future monetary policy

In a speech today at the London School of Economics, MPC Member Professor David Miles asks “what is the most useful way for a central bank to provide information about the way in which it will set monetary policy?

And yet another one: William Cash Jr is UKIP’s latest recruit

William Cash Jr, the proprietor of Spears Magazine has announced that he is joining UKIP.

ONS revisions shows fall in living standards worse than thought

CISI welcomes Alan Yarrow as the next Lord Mayor of the City of London

Business & Finance

7 Factors That Could Affect Your Life Insurance Rates

You’re young, you’re healthy, you’re tobacco-free — you should expect cheap life insurance rates, right? Not always. When it comes to determining your premiums, insurers look at a variety of factors, including ones you may not expect.

5 Things You Must Do To Succeed At Binary Trading

What It Means: Dow Fails to Hold Above 17,000 for Sixth Time

House Prices Fell in 0.2% in September Says Nationwide

Science, Technology & Environment

Innovative Guerilla Art Installation Stops Londoners in Their Tracks

New York City Street Art Pioneer and PETA Team Up to Bring Animals Killed for Food Into the Public Eye

Celebrated street art pioneer Dan Witz is collaborating with PETA on a new campaign which seeks to bring attention to the billions of animals who are confined and killed for their flesh every year.

Sporting events should ditch nutritional supps and sports drinks sponsorship

Potentially misleading public about health benefits of these products which remain unproven

Sporting bodies should ditch the sponsorship of nutritional supplement and sports drinks manufacturers, because they could be lending “unwarranted credibility” to these products

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