UK business confidence dips despite improved fundamentals in Q2 2014

Global Economic Conditions Survey reveals that UK business confidence dipped despite improved fundamentals in Q2 2014

UK business confidence fell slightly in the second quarter of 2014 with 37% of UK respondents reporting confidence gains, down from 40% in Q1, according to the latest survey of finance professionals.

Panasonic and Tesla sign agreement for the ‘Gigafactory’

Panasonic Corporation and Tesla Motors, Inc. have signed an agreement that lays out their cooperation on the construction of a large-scale battery manufacturing plant in the United States, known as the Gigafactory.

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Boris backs competition to find business stars of the future

Business & Finance

Five Money Management Tips for Your Wedding

Managing the budget of your upcoming wedding can seem like something of a dream scenario; something you’d love to be able to do, but something which seems to continually be outside of your grasp, however hard you try.

How Interest Rates Work And Their Effect On The Economy

The Booming London Property Market

Corporate Training; What do You get for Your Money?


The banking sector needs reshaping so that it operates for the common good

Plans announced yesterday that mean badly-performing bankers may have to pay back bonuses do not go far enough and will not help us avoid further global economic crashes, says the Green Party

PRA and FCA consult on proposals to improve responsibilty and accountability in the banking sector

General Election 2015: Greens on 7%, up two points

Wrong Energy Tax Whacks Charities

Science, Technology & Environment

Stop free fertility treatment for “lifestyle” babies to curb climate change

And deploy carbon capping schemes for fertility clinics, argues bioethicist

Free fertility treatment should be banned for those making “lifestyle” reproductive choices, such as sterilisation reversal or single motherhood for fertile women. And fertility clinics should be subject to carbon capping schemes

The History of Solar Panels and How They Work

Despite the UK’s reputation for bad weather, the humble solar cell still has great potential over here.

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