Labour asks how long the government has known about the EU surcharge

Chris Leslie, Labour’s Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury has today written to the Chancellor the Exchequer demanding answers to questions on how long the UK Government has known about the possibility of a higher EU budget surcharge.

UKIP launch ‘1400 Reasons to vote’ campaign in South Yorkshire PCC Election Race

UKIP South Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner candidate, Jack Clarkson, today unveiled a new, hard hitting, ‘1400 reasons to vote’ campaign in Rotherham, supported by local MEP and prospective parliamentary for Rotherham, Jane Collins MEP.

Europe’s bank stress tests “will not be enough”, warns deVere Group analyst

UK GDP increased by 0.7% in third quarter of 2014

Business & Finance

Borrowed Wheels: The Care and Feeding of Car Title Loans

Car title loans have gotten a bad rap in recent years, and for good reason. They’re expensive, the deals are usually not all that good, and most buyers walk away deeply in debt. However, in some cases, they’re the only way to get your hands on some money.

How product packaging affects your buying decision

September sees slowdown in retail sales

5 ways of drawing monies from owner-managed limited companies

Science, Technology & Environment

New Divestment Campaign hits Big Five Banks

• Survey finds 39% of Brits concerned by money in fossil fuels. That’s more than the daily users of Facebook in the UK [1]

• 36%, more than 1 in 3, want banks to divest from fossil fuels [2]

• Move Your Money launches ‘Divest!’ campaign to put climate change banks on notice

Thousands urge European Commission to ditch biodiversity offsetting

As the European Commission concludes its consultation on biodiversity offsetting, almost 10,000 people and over 60 organisations have signed a letter [1] urging the Commission not to pursue policy related to biodiversity offsetting (BO). They fear it would “harm nature and people, and give power to those who destroy nature for private profit.

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