Estuary Airport Ruled Out By Airport Commission

The Airport Commission has rejected an Estuary Airport for London, as championed by the Mayor Boris Johnson and in response Heathrow Hub says it is now the only politically realistic option.

UK Government Confirms NHS Is Not Exempt from Controversial Trade Deal

Unite, Britain’s biggest union, has called on David Cameron to use his veto to exempt the NHS from a controversial  EU-US trade deal following the admission from the government yesterday (1 September 2014) that the NHS is included in the deal.

Sharp rise in pensioners declaring bankruptcy as high debts and low annuity rates bite

Mexico’s president to deliver State of the Union address

Science, Technology & Environment

New software to detect financial fraud is step towards global regulatory framework

Financial fraud knows no borders but regulatory bodies don’t have the technology to implement a global detection system. Now academics led by the University of Greenwich have developed prototype software which enables sensitive data to be shared between institutions and uses artificial intelligence to teach itself how to spot the latest scams.

Bumblebees most Spotted in Great British Bee Count

Yellow and black bumblebees have been the most common species seen by people logging bee sightings for The Great British Bee Count this summer, using a smartphone app developed by Friends of the Earth, Buglife and B&Q, interim results released last week reveal.

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