Retirement age for women? 80, if they want to earn as much as men

Latest data reveals ‘mid-life pay crisis’ for female managers

New salary figures show that a ‘mid-life pay crisis’ is hitting female managers, with women aged 40-plus earning 35% less than men. To earn the same as a male manager over a career, a woman would have to work the equivalent of over 14 years more

Inactivity, Not Calorie Consumption, Behind Rising Obesity in the UK

The rise in obesity amongst the UK population has been primarily caused by a decline in physical activity. Using government figures, this new study debunks the popular belief that the rise in obesity in recent decades is the result of increased calorie consumption in general, and sugar in particular.

SMEs waiting up to 40 days for payment from local councils

The Rise of the Part-Time Pensioner

Business & Finance

Design Ideas to Increase Productivity

Having the right working space plays a significant role in improving the overall productivity of employees. As such, if you haven’t given much thought to the design elements of your office, you might benefit from reviewing and implementing at least a few of the following design ideas.

6 Things to Consider Before Applying for Debt Consolidation

High premium for Premier League houses

CHART OF THE WEEK: Weekly Hours Worked


Neil and Christine Hamilton Open UKIP Bournemouth East Office

Neil and Christine Hamilton were the stars at the well attended opening of the UKIP Bournemouth East headquarters, with Christine doing the honours using a rather large pair of scissors.

Tories plan to target temporary migrant workers to raise tax

Osborne’s tax raid would trigger expats to cut ties with the UK

Young adult prisoner suicides: Cries for help are going unheard

Science, Technology & Environment

Crowdsourcing apps may help dieters lose weight

App users as good as trained experts at rating healthiness of foods

Crowdsourcing may help dieters stick to healthy foods and lose weight, as participants are as good as trained experts at correctly rating the healthiness of foods and giving feedback on them, indicates research

Stop free fertility treatment for “lifestyle” babies to curb climate change

And deploy carbon capping schemes for fertility clinics, argues bioethicist

Free fertility treatment should be banned for those making “lifestyle” reproductive choices, such as sterilisation reversal or single motherhood for fertile women. And fertility clinics should be subject to carbon capping schemes

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