UKIP billboard campaign

UKIP has launched a massive national billboard poster campaign in advance of the European parliamentary elections on May 22.

The campaign has been funded by Yorkshire businessman Paul Sykes

UK Is One Of The Cheapest Countries To Invest In Residential Property

Taxand T3 (Total Tax Take) research conducted by Taxand, the world’s largest independent organisation of tax advisors to multinational businesses, has shown that the UK is one of the cheapest countries for investors involved in the development and sale of residential property, when considering the total tax take.

Clock Ticking On France’s Tax Discount For Second Homeowners

This Top Stock a Poster Child for Consistency

Business & Finance

Unemployment Falls, Self-Employment Rises: What Does it Really Mean?

On April 14th, the Office for National Statistics released data detailing the surge in self-employment in the UK. The self-employed or partially self-employed now account for 14.9% of the overall workforce according to the ONS, equating to 4.46 million, one in every seven workers.

When a deal looks too good it probably is; how to avoid being duped

How Last Week’s Mini Rally Is Reshaping My Investment Strategy

Jaguar Land Rover’s Export Success Achieves 2014 Queen’s Award For Enterprise

Science, Technology & Environment

Lower Salt Intake Likely Key in Falling Heart Disease Deaths

Lower salt intake likely to have had key role in plummeting cardiovascular disease deaths in past decade

Average salt intake fell by 15% in 2003-11 in England; heart disease and stroke deaths fell by around 40%

IPCC Report: Devastation Can Still Be Averted Says Friends of the earth

There is still time to prevent dangerous climate change, but only if nations take bold international action to drastically reduce their use of fossil fuels, says Friends of the Earth ahead of a key UN scientific report, published on Sunday 13th April 2014.

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