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The five most common mistakes of business networking

Are you getting the most out of your networking? Is it bringing you a steady stream of new business? If not, it’s possible you are making a number of critical mistakes when networking.

Politicians Mislead the Public on the Causes of High Living Costs

Politicians talk about a ‘cost of living crisis‘, but they have fundamentally failed to grasp the causes behind it says new report.

New Zealand’s National Party Wins Majority in NZ Parliament

The ruling National party in New Zealand won a resounding victory in the country’s parliamentary elections held on Saturday. Prime Minister John Key will now head the New Zealand government for a third consecutive term after his party won a majority of 48 percent of the vote.

Flat prices up by over £50,000 in the past 10 years

• Flats prices have risen by more than twice the average for all properties

• Flat prices nationally have outperformed all property types since 2009 due to increases in London

PDQ Machines: A Model and Cost Comparison for UK Businesses

We seem to be rapidly heading towards a cashless society and any business that is not geared up to take credit and debit card payments from their customers is likely to find themselves losing out on business.

We would raise the national minimum wage to £8 an hour says Labour

Ed Miliband yesterday announced Labour’s plan to raise the National Minimum Wage to £8 an hour by the end of the next Parliament.

Sterling Up Sharply After No Vote on Scottish Independence

The British Pound rallied sharply on Thursday after results from a referendum in favor of Scotland’s independence showed a majority of Scots voted to stay in the United Kingdom. Cable was up two big figures or roughly 200 pips, while Sterling gained against all the majors in the wake of the news.

Have Blu-rays had their day already?

Whenever new technology comes along, we get caught up in the excitement of the new offering and then almost immediately turn our thoughts to what we could possibly see next.

Does the EU Mortgage Credit Directive spell the end for ‘accidental’ landlords?

Almost a fortnight ago, HM Treasury announced how the government will implement the European Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD). The announcement included news that caused quite a stir in the industry: some buy-to-let mortgage sales are to come under FCA regulation.

Canada’s Shale Boom: More To Come In Montney

In the world of a constantly changing oil and gas environment, the Montney shale basin is the sleeping giant that holds the key to accelerating Canada’s shale oil and gas boom, but the real treasure within this giant is a tight liquids-rich zone (approximately 15-20 miles wide) that has big and small players alike narrowing their focus for the potential of a giant payout.

How to Hedge Against a Stalling Global Economy

The stock market charts are showing some hesitation once again following the recent technical breaks to new record-highs for the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average.