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Modern marketing methods that all businesses should be adopting

In today’s tech savvy society, businesses enjoy a plethora of modern marketing methods that allow them to connect with their customers in a way that has never before been possible. To help your business stay at the forefront of the competition

Top Tips For UK Exporters Facing Strong Sterling

The UK economy is registering growth levels higher than before the financial crisis. This has been reflected in sterling performance, which, although fluctuating, has been strong on the whole.

Bankers must swear a “Bankers Oath” to turn back the tide of scandal

Think tank ResPublica calls for the introduction of an oath for bankers similar to the Hippocratic Oath in order to raise accountability and standards in banking

The lack of public trust in UK banking is an ongoing concern for both the industry and Government.

Latest Annuity Rates from The Annuity Bureau – July 2014

Standard Level annuity rates:

June saw little change to standard, level annuity rates and no change to provider positions for both Single and Joint Life annuities.

Why This Company Will Fare Well as the Economy Stutters

If you think Americans are firmly comfortable in the economy and jobs, think again. Yes, the stock market has returned strong gains

Bank of England Action Against Lloyds and Bank of Scotland

Bank of England statement on FCA enforcement action against Lloyds Bank PLC and Bank of Scotland PLC in relation to manipulation of submissions to the BBA GBP Repo Rate

The lost art of the printed invitation

Arranging a business event is a great way to gain more exposure for your business. Whether you are arranging a promotional event with a view to winning new business, or having a corporate networking event for your industry peers

HMRC business record checks up 60%

Despite scaling back scope of the programme

HMRC’s Business Record Checks programme is running at its highest level since it began in 2011, with the number of checks increasing by 60% from 3,431 (2011/12) to 5,515 (2013/14), according to PfP, the experts in tax investigation insurance.

London House Prices rise 16.4% in the Year to June

Land Registry house price data for England & Wales put the average house price in June at £172,011. Although this represents virtually no change since May, it does represent an annual growth of 6.4 percent.

AnaCap acquires €495m Romanian loan portfolio

AnaCap Financial Partners LLP (“AnaCap”), the specialist European financial services private equity firm, together with H.I.G. and Deutsche Bank, have completed the acquisition of a €495m portfolio of non-performing and sub-performing loans from Volksbank Romania.  Under terms of the agreement, funds advised by AnaCap will jointly acquire the entire portfolio with H.I.G and Deutsche Bank.

Nursing Home Trends in 2014 – Why More Care for the Elderly is in Order

Trends naturally differ from country to country, as we’ve seen of late with many older American people moving out of nursing homes and back to their own homes, quite the opposite of what’s taking place elsewhere.

Smartphone Searches: A Recipe for Grocery Sales Success

All Device grocery search volumes grew 22% in the second quarter of 2014 compared with the same quarter a year earlier.

Search volumes on smartphones outpaced search volumes on tablets, with growth of 94% compared with growth on tablets of 28%.