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CPI Inflation Hit 0.6 Percent in July 2016

The UK economy Consumer Prices Index rose 0.6 percent compared to a year ago

Personal Service Companies Contribute a Staggering £38 Billion to the UK Economy

Personal Services Companies contribute £38 bn and over 600,000 jobs to the UK economy

UK PLC Profit Still Struggling To Make Headway

Ailing supermarket sector takes its toll

More Families Are Tackling The Inheritance Taboo

More families are now prepared to tackle the thorny issue of inheritance

Intermediaries Look To Wine Investment As Post-Brexit Safe Haven Option

Wine as a Post-Brexit safe haven investment

Lock In Brexit Bounce Ahead Of 'Significant' Correction,

One in three advisers will contact clients about locking in gains now

New research – The nation’s hardest working women revealed

Women in full and part time work in London, Scotland and the North West are on average working the most hours in the UK while female millennials are the hardest workers.

Andrew Bailey speech: Culture in financial services – a regulator’s perspective

In his last speech as Chief Executive of the Prudential Regulation Authority, Andrew Bailey explains the importance of culture to both prudential and conduct financial regulators

Pound rallies on stronger UK inflation, USD weakened by Fed dovishness

Pound Sterling (GBP) Exchange Rate Bolstered by Improved UK CPI

Despite poor UK industrial and manufacturing production figures the Pound began to regain ground against rivals ahead of the weekend.

Low-income workers urged to claim tax credits before universal credit arrives

Across the country the one million people in low-paid jobs who have yet to apply for tax credits should hurry up and do so before it’s too late and universal credit arrives in their area

GBP remains soft, Panama Papers boost risk aversion

Pound Sterling (GBP) Exchange Rate Out of Favour on Growth Worries

Confidence in the Pound has not especially improved this week

How to Hang On to Talented Tech Employees

Employees come and go. That’s the way of the world, unfortunately. But it doesn’t have to be that way!