The Fed against the Markets

We all have been waiting for the Fed exiting the most aggressive easing program undertaken since its 100-year inception, embarked upon as a result of the worst recession since the great depression

ACCA reacts to ‘political budget from political Chancellor’

According to ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), this was a political Budget focused on a range of populist measures, as was to be expected this close to the General Election.

A Strong Dollar Is Being Forged in Frankfurt and Beijing

The recent US dollar surge may owe more to policy-makers in Europe and China than to the efforts of central bankers in the US.

Greece: the lead for the EURUSD parity?

Europe is still in the highlight of world economic news. Greece’s ASE stock index was down 4.2%, reaching a three week low, three-year Greek bond yields rose 1.91% points to15.95 on Monday, March 9

US vs. the world, will USD dominate the world economy?

It was an eventful week with a considerable amount of market moving fundamental releases from all over the world.

Will corporate Japan save Abenomics?

By Michael Stanes, Investment Director at Heartwood Investment Management

Japan is presenting a paradox: the stock market continues to rise (+7% in February, local currency) at the same time as growth disappoints.

Pause Grexit, Play Deflation Fears

In February it was all about European instability, possibility of Greece exiting the Eurozone, and Euro collapsing. Well it did not happen; let’s put the Grexit fears on pause for another four months

Is the public perception of politicians damaging democracy?

It’s no surprise that politicians don’t have the best of reputations amongst the public. According to one study, they’re the

Taxation: a legal or moral obligation?

The latest tax scandal involving HSBC is a reminder of how the issue of taxation has become a regular fixture on the national news agenda.

'A Postcard from India' by Craig Botham

Following his recent trip to India to meet with companies, government officials and private sector analysts, Craig Botham, Emerging Markets Economist at Schroders, shares his findings in 'A Postcard from India'….

Why not just put a cap on tax avoidance?

This week the media has been full of pointing fingers and accusations regarding tax avoidance and tax evasion.

Norway's relationship with the EU provides credible model for Britain

• Flourishing non-member Norway enjoys tariff-free trade with Europe as well as political independence

• Withdrawing to the European Economic Area would cost UK less while maintaining significant influence over EU legislation