Smog bound Beijing faces marathon adjustment

Following a recent trip to Beijing, Keith Wade, Chief Economist at Schroders, shares his views on the Chinese economy:

Just another £1.7 billion on the nation’s credit card

The UK economy is doing so well compared to the other European Union countries that it has just been punished to the tune of £1.7 billion, you know enough to build a couple of hospitals or schools or maybe partially fill that NHS funding gap we’ve all been told about.

Equities: is the bull market under threat?

Keith Wade, Chief Economist and Strategist at Schroders, gives his views on equities as an asset class in the current economic environment:

Where’s the income tax return?

We are constantly told by the government that the UK economy is recovering, if not booming compared to most other countries both inside and outside the European Union and that there are record numbers of people employed in the UK.

Stopping people at UK border is racist, but not racist at EU Border?

When people talk about walking back on the concept of the free movement of peoples from the European Union into the United Kingdom they are instantly branded as ‘racist’ by those trying to claim some sort of high moral ground.

The Challenges Facing Large Supermarkets

Ahead of the release of Tesco’s interim results on Thursday 23rd October, 2014, Ian Enslin, Charity Director at Waverton Investment Management, comments generally on the challenges the large supermarkets are facing:

Lib Dems between a rock and a hard place

I had planned today to write about the Conservatives and David Cameron following their two by-election humiliations. I had planned to discuss how little control the supposedly omnipotent Tory whips have over their backbench MPs and how more defections are now very likely.

UKIP’s birthday present to Cameron

It is David Cameron’s birthday today and, although he may get one more candle on his cake, he will be losing one of his MPs.

UKIP can, and must be, selective

In the wake of yet another defection from the Conservatives to UKIP It would be very easy for party members such as myself to gleefully celebrate and expect the good times to continue unhindered.

Question: True or False? “… There will always be an England?” – Answer: it’s up to us!

By Robin Tilbrook, Chairman, English Democrats

In 2002, when the English Democrats launched, it was already clear that the British Establishment was trying to break England up into ‘Regions’, which had been introduced by John Major’s ‘Conservative’ Government

The UK’s Growing Constitutional Crisis

The claims that the referendum over Scottish independence is a matter only for those that live in Scotland have now become a nonsense.

Scottish independence: a roadmap

Following the dramatic narrowing in the polls, politicians in Westminster have now realised that there is a very real chance that Scotland will vote to leave the United Kingdom. In part, this reflects the canny politicking of Alex Salmond, who is a formidable campaigner.