So This is What we Pay our MEPs for

Just watch the video below to see European Union democracy in action. And every single one of those laws that gets passed via this chaos becomes effective in the UK. Unless you believe the LibLabCon Europhiles who say they don’t affect the UK

More Than Half of Parents Went into Court Without a Lawyer in 2013/14

Imagine yourself entering court for the first time ever knowing that if you don’t win you may lose everything, maybe your home and it could also mean surrendering your children into care.

Countdown to Loss of Sovereignty

As 1st November 2014 approaches more and more people are becoming aware of the sweeping changes that we wake up to that day on how the UK is to be run in the future.

More Families Are Being Hit By Inheritance Tax

The Express reports that 50 percent more families are being hit by inheritance tax (IHT) due to the ongoing increases in house prices tipping many estates over the frozen IHT threshold.

What is Cameron Playing at With This Juncker Palaver?

What on earth is the PM playing at by queering the pitch with just about every major player in the European Union hierarchy over the appointment of Jean-Claude Juncker?

Carney’s dodgy guidance

There are probably days when Mark Carney wishes that he had stayed in Canada. It’s bad enough that he felt too politically constrained to talk about a housing bubble until getting implicit sanction from Downing Street, let alone all the attention that his generous relocation package gets. But now his signature policy – forward guidance – has got him into trouble once again.

UKIP Supporters Are Technologically Challenged Says Chuka Umunna

Speaking on the BBC One current affairs programme, The Andrew Marr Show, yesterday the Labour shadow business secretary, Chuka Umunna, implied that UKIP supporters can’t do the internet and E-mails.

Global Tax Rate ‘Race to the Bottom’ Continues

Japan and Spain latest countries to signal corporate rate reductions – will others be too late to the party?

Comment by Frederic Donnedieu, Chairman, Taxand, the world’s largest independent global organisation of specialist tax advisors to multinational businesses

Nigel Farage and Those Property Donations

The dogs are out again sniffing around UKIP and Nigel Farage looking for any excuse to have a go. But what if the dogs have got this one wrong?

The Ghettoisation of the Welsh

Without dispute Wales is probably one of the most beautiful countries on earth, but unfortunately the Welsh themselves are being priced out of their own communities.

Will the ECB make a difference?

Mario Draghi has arguably the hardest job in economics. Central bank governors are generally unappreciated when they do their job well, or are even attacked by politicians when they exhibit the independence that  is often needed.

The EU, Immigration and racism

Watching the news and seeing hundreds, if not thousands, of people from outside the European Union trying to get in to better their lives[1] and being branded as ‘illegal immigrants’[2] should get people sitting up and asking a really basic question: