Now what if a UKIPper had said that …. ?

Two pieces of news caught the eye today because they did not get the full blown publicity they deserved on the basis that it was NOT a UKIP official or politician that was involved.

The ECB’s theory of quantitative easing is put to the test

By Jaisal Pastakia, Investment Manager at Heartwood Investment Management

Time will tell whether the European Central Bank’s (ECB) €1.1 trillion quantitative easing (QE) package will have the desired impact on the real economy.

Where next for Greece after Syriza's election victory?

Azad Zangana, Senior European Economist and Strategist at Schroders, comments on the results of the Greek election.

“The Greek election over the weekend has resulted in the far-left Syriza party winning

Is a rate rise still imminent? Landlord borrowers seem unconvinced

Figures from the end of 2014 have shown that, despite constant talk throughout the year of imminently rising interest rates, landlords are largely favouring short-term fixed buy-to-let rates over longer-term products.

Central banks can no longer be described as boring

By Jaisal Pastakia, Investment Manager at Heartwood Investment Management

Mervyn King once stated that central banks should aspire to be boring. Since the 2008 financial crisis, central banks in the US, Europe and Japan have all turned that aspiration on its head

UKIP should embrace Thatcherism, not abandon it

In recent months Labour have turned up the volume on their claims that UKIP are “more Tory than the Tories”. They proclaim the party to be some latter day reincarnation of Thatcherism

Is the risk-off environment flashing amber for US economic growth?

By David Absolon, Investment Director at Heartwood Investment Management

A cursory glance of US economic data releases since the start of this year raise concerns about the strength of the recovery particularly as global deflationary fears intensify.

You need not be a conspiracy theorist to see through the EU

I recently engaged in a debate on the European Union, something that, as a member of UKIP, I often seem to do. But this was unlike any debate I had before partaken in.

Energy Crisis As Early As 2016

Low oil prices today may be setting the world up for an oil shortage as early as 2016. Today we have just 2% more crude oil supply than demand and the price of gasoline is under $2.00/gallon in Texas.

Are landlords right to be concerned about 2015?

Research released by buy-to-let franchise Platinum Property Partners earlier this month shows that, although more than two fifths plan to expand their property portfolio in 2015, landlords are also concerned about what the coming year will bring.

Will the European Union reindex stock markets to 100 points?

The introduction of the euro brought the citizens of Europe many advantages, including  uniformity. It would be nice if that uniformity also applied to the comparison of the various stock exchanges.

Do they know they lost the vote at all?

Much alike Bob Geldof, Alex Salmond has achieved a great deal in his career. Whilst the former has raised his projects to the forefront of public consciousness, Salmond has taken his party to the corridors of power. Sir Bob may be a unionist, but it is unlikely that Salmond admires no more of him than his non-British citizenship.