The EU is not going to ‘punish’ the UK if it leaves

‘Punishing’ the UK for leaving the EU risks upsetting world trade, the WTO and other world powers, such as the US

The UK needs its own seat at the World Trade Organisation table

If the United Kingdom really wants to engage in world commerce then it needs its own seat at World Trade Organisation (WTO) negotiations and not have to rely on the European Union.

Corbyn’s unilateral nuclear disarmament

As long as Jeremy Corbyn remains as its leader, the Labour Party is effectively a party of unilateral nuclear disarmament. But it goes far wider than that.

Speaker Boehner Readies Final Sellout As Debt Ceiling Debacle Looms

By Stefan Gleason

It's campaign season, and that means non-stop media coverage of candidate polls, quips, gaffes, tweets, emails, controversies, lies, and scandals. It all makes for a good soap opera.

Corbyn Speech: "not much space for business" says IoD

Responding to Jeremy Corbyn’s speech to the Labour Party Conference, Simon Walker, Director General of the Institute of Directors said:

“There was not much space for business in this speech

We really are in the ‘Post Democratic Age’

Peter Mandelson is oft quoted as once saying “We are now entering the post democratic age” and it seems that, whatever he actually meant by that phrase, he was right when considering the relationship between the citizen and the European Union.

Low-Carbon Economy Vital to UK Energy Security

By Phil Ball, non-executive director of Great Annual Savings Group

At the back end of November, world leaders will converge on Paris for the latest UN summit to discuss global climate change.

EU’s ‘engine’ stalls in Volkswagen scandal

Plummeting consumer confidence in diesel cars will benefit hybrid and electric vehicle sales, according to an expert in energy technology at the University of East Anglia

Targeted drone strikes challenged by Greens

The use of drones to target and kill UK nationals abroad has been challenged by Green Party parliamentarians Caroline Lucas MP and Baroness Jones.

A maturing US corporate credit cycle calls for active credit selection

By David Absolon, Investment Director at Heartwood Investment Management

Diverging from recent trends, the US investment grade corporate market has underperformed US treasuries year-to-date.

China shakes the Fed

Schroders' Chief Economist and Strategist, Keith Wade, looks at the factors weighing on the Federal Reserve's decision to hold rates:

No change in interest rates and a flatter profile for future rate rises signals a step in a more dovish direction by the Federal Reserve.

US Federal Reserve keeps rates unchanged – industry comments

The US Federal Reserve has once again kept interest rates unchanged at the level they have been at since December 2008 (0% to 0.25%).