Chinese growth decelerates in the first quarter

Schroders’ Emerging Markets Economist Craig Botham comments on the Chinese Q1 2014 GDP figures announced earlier today:

Is Carney the wrong man for the Old Lady?

When Mervyn King finally stepped down as Governor of the Bank of England, most people in the City of London breathed a huge sigh of relief. At the start of his tenure, King was completely uninterested in the Financial Stability side of the Bank, and put all his energies into monetary policy, as he had done in his previous BoE roles.

Is the crisis finally over?

Seven years ago, relatively few people outside of financial services had probably heard of Lehman Brothers, certainly in the UK. Most had heard of Northern Rock. But nobody – no, not even the ‘prophets of doom’ who warned about house prices – correctly predicted the timing and nature of the financial crisis that ensued.

The new normal is a lot like the old

Today’s industrial production data were another welcome sign that the UK economy is firmly on the mend. Manufacturing output increased by 1.0% between January and February, and year-on-year growth was within touching distance of 4%, a very respectable pace.

Why the Marking Boycott is in the Student Interest

By Bradley Allsop of The Young Greens

Ah, the greedy lecturers are after more pay again, united under their selfish and out of touch UCU.

Nigel Farage is Winning the War of Hearts and Minds Over EU Membership

If there was any doubt after last week’s head-to-head between Clegg and Farage over who is winning the EU in/out debate, there can be absolutely no doubt this morning. But now we see the third dog entering the fray quietly hoping to run off with the bone in the form of David Cameron on the BBC this morning.

Let’s Hope Tomorrow Night’s Clegg/Farage Debate Isn’t Just a Rerun of Last Week

After last week’s clash both Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage will have had an opportunity to reflect on their relative performances, the holes in their arguments and where they hadn’t managed to convey their message properly.

When is mediation Appropriate?

When getting into a legal dispute many people do not know that the number one law court approved process to resolve that dispute is mediation.

Reflections on Reverend Flowers

Every now and then, Newsnight is worth staying up for. I find the quality of the journalism is still much more variable than I remember in the old days, and politicians of any stripe make me turn off pretty quickly. But occasionally there is an interview that really catches my attention.

Sharia Wills in the UK

Much has been printed and commented on over the weekend about the recent guidance issued by the Law Society on drawing up Shariah compliant wills.

Property Tax Will Increase House Prices Further Down the Ladder

The moves to impose some sort of mansion tax on those owning homes worth over £2 million appears to be gaining traction as the Labour leader, Ed Miliband, joins the LibDem leader, Nick Clegg, in calls to bring the controversial tax onto the statute books.

Postal Votes and Democracy

Some people might answer the question ‘what is the best thing about the UK’ with references to the NHS, or to its education system or its armed forces that always punch above their weight. But I would argue that it is, or has been until recently, our democracy.