Tom Winsor appointment heralds a privatised police force

MPs have given Tom Winsor their backing as the new Chief Inspector of Constabulary for England and Wales against the wishes of Police officers.

Paul Verhoeven film Jesus of Nazareth is Blasphemous Modern

Basic Instinct director Paul Verhoeven will direct a controversial film which portrays Jesus as the by-product of Mary and a Roman soldier.

Should the Europeans just give up?

Another week, another euro summit. Another bout of pre-summit rows and recriminations from different national leaders. Even avid long-time watchers of European politics must be getting bored by now.

Mitt Romney and the best Democracy money can buy

Mitt Romney has finally emerged as the Republican nominee in November’s US presidential election. But is he really the best man for the job? Or is he just the puppet of the big business backers who funded his campaign,

A new world order is coming and we are sleepwalking into it

For the past six years or so our leaders and economists have told us that no one could have seen this financial crisis coming, they were lying.

Ten things we have learnt from the financial crisis (so far)

With Spain’s bailout failing to provide much comfort to financial market investors, the European debt crisis continues to rumble on, fully five years after issues in wholesale funding markets first began to register. So far, the crisis has challenged many assumptions that economists held

A different way to resolve the Spanish banking crisis

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. With Greece heading towards a critical election in just over a week, markets were supposed to be cautiously awaiting a positive outcome. Instead,

Where would your money be safe?

As the euro crisis rumbles on – with the ECB slapping the Spanish Government on the wrist after its attempt to engineer a back-door bail-in for Bankia – investors are demonstrating that they are increasingly nervous about where to put their money.

Ken Clarke claims that Britons don’t want an EU referendum

Referring to those that want a referendum on the UK’s continued membership of the EU as ‘frenzied Eurosceptics’ he said on BBC Radio Four that we should concentrate instead on ‘serious politics’.

Countdown to Eurogeddon

With Greek politicians vying for votes ahead of the June 17th election re-run, and other European politicians making ominous noises about what will happen if the new government does not abide by the terms of the existing deal, you might have thought that markets would be nervous but relatively quiet head of the poll.

Chris Hayes questionable war hero comments cause uproar

MSNBC presenter, Chris Hayes has sparked a divided debate over the use of the word ‘hero‘  to describe a soldier killed in service to his or her country.

The IMF’s true verdict on the UK

Once a year, the UK economy gets a health check from the IMF. The process behind this so-called ‘Article IV’ assessment involves IMF staff meeting with officials from the Treasury and Bank of England,