Bailouts don’t have to cost taxpayers money

During the Great Recession of 2008 and 2009, the US and UK economies had a lot in common. Both had large, over-leveraged financial sectors with interlinkages that often weren’t visible to regulators.

Jimmy Savile scandal should end licence fees

The Jimmy Savile scandal should end the  TV licence fee  if it is proven that the BBC actively tried to protect the reputation of a child sex offender employee.

Thousands will flock to see David Icke at Wembley

Thousands will flock to see David Icke at Wembley Arena this Saturday as he addresses the masses that once ridiculed him.

Time for the nuclear option?

Something very interesting has started to happen in the past couple of weeks. Ever since the IMF issued its warning that austerity might be self-defeating – or, in the jargon, that fiscal multipliers might be greater than one – UK proponents of austerity have quietened down quite a bit. And proponents of doing more have started to venture into new territory.

Nobel Prize is a reminder that economics can be useful

Each Autumn the Nobel Foundation announces its annual awards. There are five ‘proper’ Nobel prizes – for Medicine, Physics, Chemistry, Literature and Peace. These five awards were established by the will of Alfred Nobel and have been made every year since 1901.

Tony Blair should be arrested for murder in Afghanistan

Tony Blair struts the world stage like Jimmy Savile on a visit to an orphanage in front of the world’s cameras with the same level of impunity.

The IMF calls Osborne’s bluff

On Monday George Osborne tried to repair his shattered reputation with a carefully-scripted piece at the Conservative Party conference. After the omnishambles of the Budget and the widespread acceptance that his fiscal plan has failed, the Tories’ answer to Lord Mandelson has been battered from all sides, not least since his friend and ally Andrew Mitchell allegedly started calling police officers ‘plebs’.

How civil servants got the West Coast bid wrong

With Spain still denying the need for an immediate bailout – in part, according to some sources, due to German instructions to do so – the past week has been largely uneventful on the macroeconomic front, with financial markets generally in ‘wait and see’ mode.

The X Factor cultural rot continues

Yet again millions of adoring Brits tune into watch X Factor, the talent show to end all talent shows whilst being blissfully unaware of the implications.

The Spanish budget will not be enough

Yesterday’s big market event was the latest budget from the Spanish government, which set out its plans for fiscal policy over the next few years. With Spain still firmly in the market spotlight, despite ECB President Draghi’s efforts, Prime Minister Rajoy had to put together a package that would convince investors that his country could get its debt dynamics under control.

MTV ‘The Valleys’ filled with negative stereotyping

‎’The Valleys’ MTV program is as far from quality entertainment as the north pole is to the south, but is it what valleys life is actually like in South Wales?

When Is A Terrorist No Longer A Terrorist?

Question: When is a terrorist a terrorist?

Answer: When the US government says so.