Is the establishment really hiding a giant paedophile ring?

Is the establishment masking a giant paedophile ring and why are the press so quick to turn on the victims such as Steve Messham?

Now Obama’s job really begins

If the polls are right, most of the rest of the world should be pretty happy this morning. While President Obama was re-elected comfortably under the US electoral college system, the popular vote seems to have been more evenly split, with as little as 2 percentage points separating the two candidates.

The view from Berlin

Last weekend, I was in the German capital, speaking at an investor conference. As is normally the case at these events, there was a nice dinner the night before, and delegates largely took over a nice hotel in the centre of town.

Is Tony Blair fear mongering to become EU President?

Tony Blair recently hinted he is prepared to be the President of Europe and now he is making calls for such an all-encompassing  post to be made available.

Pastor Carter Conlon emergency broadcast of hope

Last night Pastor Cartor Conlon from New York’s prestigious Times Square Church gave an emergency broadcast as Hurricane Sandy hit America’s eastern seaboard.

Was the Queen aware of Jimmy Savile’s antics?

Jimmy Savile was given a knighthood by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, but was she at any time in the past made aware of his taste in under-age girls?

Ex-Tory minister names Sir Peter Morrison as paedophile

Former leader of the Welsh Conservatives, Rod Richard, has named Margaret Thatcher’s former private secretary, the late Sir Peter Morrison as a Paedophile.

David Icke is triumphant at Wembley Arena

David Icke has proven his critics wrong and staged a spectacle without glitz by talking for 11 hours on the global conspiracy against mankind.

Bailouts don’t have to cost taxpayers money

During the Great Recession of 2008 and 2009, the US and UK economies had a lot in common. Both had large, over-leveraged financial sectors with interlinkages that often weren’t visible to regulators.

Jimmy Savile scandal should end licence fees

The Jimmy Savile scandal should end the  TV licence fee  if it is proven that the BBC actively tried to protect the reputation of a child sex offender employee.

Thousands will flock to see David Icke at Wembley

Thousands will flock to see David Icke at Wembley Arena this Saturday as he addresses the masses that once ridiculed him.

Time for the nuclear option?

Something very interesting has started to happen in the past couple of weeks. Ever since the IMF issued its warning that austerity might be self-defeating – or, in the jargon, that fiscal multipliers might be greater than one – UK proponents of austerity have quietened down quite a bit. And proponents of doing more have started to venture into new territory.