Where's growth going to come from if we 'make do and mend'?

Don't you just love it? On one hand we're being told that 'growth' is the be all and end all meaning that we need to spend and consume. Then on the other hand we're being told not to throw old things away and buy new ones but to 'make do and mend' – all very WWII.

The question of Scottish independence

Why is Scotland facing the biggest question in its constitutional history? Nationalism? Self-sufficiency? Or a political awakening?

The question of independence is a difficult one to tackle simply because of the political implications it brings.

Is the economy finally mending?

Today’s GDP data brought some ‘good’ news for the beleaguered residents of the UK: the economy managed to grow by 0.6% between April and June of this year. That was the strongest pace of growth since

The LibDem way will kill the UK nuclear deterrent

Apart from a direct move by the government to immediately scrap the UK's independent nuclear deterrent the LibDem approach of scaling down is the surest way of killing it off.

What does an engineering skills shortage mean for the UK

What does an engineering skills shortage mean for the UK and what can we do about it?

Employers are increasingly struggling to recruit engineering, IT and technical recruits with the right skills,

Stand Your Ground, the law of the rogue state

Imagine as a citizen of the UK, you are walking home through a housing estate, after buying sweets and are confronted by someone demanding to know where you are going and why you are there.

European Union Finance Ministers were in good mood

European Union Finance Ministers were in good mood. In summer holiday mood.

Just before the summer break, in a meeting before the meeting, they decided to give the Sirtaki dancers

Exposing rebalancing myths

Yesterday’s poor manufacturing and trade data were another sign that the much-heralded rebalancing of the UK economy is failing to materialise. After years of debt-fuelled consumption and growth, we are frequently told, what is now needed is to shift

Carney exposes King’s flawed analysis

Mark Carney has hit the ground running this week – not only has he promised to review who is on our bank notes, but at his first monetary policy meeting he also convinced the rest of the committee to opt for a soft form of forward guidance.

What is more important, entertainment or good government?

We love our bread and circuses don't we. As people foam at the mouth at the mere suggestion of MPs getting a pay rise no-one even squeaks at the outlandish amount of money that top flight footballers, singers and actors take home very week during these supposedly austere times.

In Pursuit of a Nuclear Capability

The Arab Spring has shaken the Middle East and an innovative diplomacy is needed today in order to take advantage of the current shifts in the Middle East's strategic architecture.

Politics vs economics again

Today we had the latest official data on the UK economy from the ONS. The bumper set of figures – known as the Quarterly National Accounts to aficionados – contained updates on household saving, corporate profitability, export and imports, and lots of other things.