The UK Housing Market is not Broken

Many people would look at the UK’s housing market and, seeing sky high prices and not enough houses to meet demand, say that the whole system is somehow 'broken'.

Wind Power and the Recent Storms

Looking back at the last week or so it’s probably a good job that the majority of our electricity is not derived from wind power.

Scottish Independence: Negotiating in Earnest

George Osborne is accused of bullying tactics by Scottish Nationalists as it emerged that he will use a speech today to warn that an independent Scotland should not expect to use the pound.

‘Repayable on Demand’, does it mean what it says any more?

When money owed is ‘repayable on demand’ it means that the lender can ask for the money back and it has to be handed over. This, however, may not be the case anymore after a recent court case.

Where Next Forward Guidance

There seems to be a consensus, especially amongst government circles, that the recovery is underway and that the private sector is providing us with the jobs we need. The green shoots are really showing.

What Skills Shortages Does the UK Have?

Since those immortal words from Tone Blair: “education, education, education!” and all the degrees that now get conferred and apprenticeships on offer you would have thought that the UK would be awash with highly skilled people

Scottish independence – a currency solution

Writing about the economics of Scottish independence is not for the faint hearted. The last time I did so, I was surprised by the resulting abuse I received via email. Apparently some think this is a deliberate tactic of the yes campaign

The shocking figure that suggests Britain cannot avoid financial ruin

It seems probable that those households which pay more in taxes than they receive in services (the givers) are likely to be against ever-increasing government spending, a bloated overpaid, over-pensioned public sector and massively expensive institutions like the EU.

HSBC Limits Some Large Withdrawals

What would you say if your bank refused to hand over your money to you unless you prove to them that it was going to be used for legitimate purposes? This is what has been happening recently at HSBC.

Another Week, Another Legal Wrangle Over the EU

Here we go again, another legal battle over the European Union as the Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling, prepares to go to court over the spread of human rights law into the UK.

The End Game

It is interesting that, nearly 5 years after the setting of the EMERGENCY interest (Base) rate of 0.5% we are still at 0.5% and our illustrious ‘capitalist’ government is borrowing £110 Billions per annum

Why lower unemployment is bad news

The most striking UK data released today were the latest set of labour market figures. While the decline in public sector borrowing in December was welcome, if not particularly pronounced, it is the fall in unemployment that really catches the eye.