Has Cameron woken up to the mess we're in?

Whether or not David cameron has realised that the country is in a mess his days are numbered. Why? Because he forgot the first rule of modern British Politics – bribe the electorate, don't bollock them.

Looking at global debt

Have you EVER seen anything more stupifyingly shocking? (see second chart here)

Since the US, in particular, came off the Gold Standard (thanks Trickie Dickie Nixon) the amount of debt, globally, has exploded.

Grangemouth: Does the Labour Share Matter Anymore?

Events in Grangemouth this week have highlighted the continued shift in power between workers and owners. Back in the 1970s, when strikes were commonplace and nationalised industries were more widespread, workers really did hold the country to ransom

Pension pots that follow job changers to be introduced

In what sounds a sensible idea the government wants to introduce workplace pensions that follow the employee when they move to a new job.

But the real danger is that the policy will destroy pension sector competition

ING: US Debt Negotiations – Relief Only Temporary

Comment from ING on the US debt negotiations.

US Senate leaders reached a last-minute deal on reopening the government and suspending the debt ceiling. As the debt limit is only extended by a few months, the relief will only be temporary.

Living in cloud cuckoo land over energy

Energy companies are under the cosh again and now the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has waded in saying that the energy companies should 'show generosity', not just look to 'maximise their profits'.

So we've lost our ambition have we Mr Osborne?

Our Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, takes a trip to China and goes native. Listening to the video (below) it seems that George Osborne thinks that the UK has lost its way and ambition

Profit made by screwing the masses

On Sunday evening I went to a Hell hole in East London (an old pub made into what looks like the refectory hosted by the 1980s The Young Ones) called 'Passing Clouds' in Dalston, nr 'Ackney.

You’re wrong Vince – Royal Mail was undervalued

Privatisation, it seems, is all the rage again. With the government recently divesting itself of some Lloyds shares, plans are afoot to look at other public companies that could be offloaded onto the private sector.

The UK struggles to feed 10% of its population properly

This is the 21st century and the UK is a member of a huge European club attempting to pool the resources of half a billion people for the benefit of all, or so goes the spiel.

Europeans remain to be convinced

One of the perks of being an economist is the occasional travel involved. It can be a pain sometimes, but with a bit of forward planning the odd regional roadshow can be a good way to see a new part of the world, or just reconnect with somewhere you haven’t seen for a while.

First Government Shutdown in 17 Years. If Only It Will Last?

At the very core, this U.S. government shutdown means that about one million federal employees will be told to go home without pay. Non-essential services will be stopped until further notice. This will be mainly due to a lack of funds.