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Over half of Brits won’t open the door to Trick or Treaters this Hallowe’en

• 50.4% of consumers won’t open their door to trick or treaters, with only 4.2% telling them to go away
• Brits are spending more this Halloween than 2013 with projected spending up 5.25% to £443m
• Halloween overshadows Bonfire Night, over half (52.9%) think that Bonfire Night is not as exciting as it once was

Take Charge of Your Eyesight: Laser Eye Surgery Options Expand in the UK

Laser eye surgery is now a very popular procedure in the UK with well in excess of 100,000 patients receiving treatment each year.

The rise of UK regional airports

The UK’s various regional airports have allowed many people to experience foreign holidays without having to travel to London to catch a flight. As with many businesses today though, the UK’s regional airports are experiencing mixed fortunes in terms of passenger numbers and profits.

45% of people in a Relationship Think They’d be Better Off Single

Survey reveals almost half of people with a partner believe they’d be wealthier alone

If you’ve ever told your other half that they’re more trouble than they’re worth, you may not have been entirely in the wrong.

Grandparents ‘Less Celebrated’ Than Family Pets

Britons buy more cards for their pets than for their grandads

Sales of greetings cards sent to Britain’s pets are outselling cards to granddads by nearly a third, with 32.5% more cards for cats and dogs being sold compared to sales of greetings cards for grandfathers in the last year.

Undiscovered Tropical Estate in Tobago Goes on the Market

Tobago could soon become the next big destination in the Caribbean as this undiscovered tropical estate goes on the market.

Win a holiday to Essaouira!

Win an action-packed 7-day full board holiday to Essaouira, where watersports are a way of life!

THE RACING SCHOOL Launches The Touring Car Experience

Money talks, they say. But when it comes to getting close to our sporting heroes, there’s normally a deafening silence. However deep your wallet, you won’t get a kickabout with Wayne Rooney or a net session with Andy Murray.

Shackleton Trustee sets off on a Brompton bicycle to face his ‘Antarctic’

To mark the centenary of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance expedition this year, the Shackleton Foundation is running the My Antarctic campaign.

Maldive Island on the Market

Hotel planned for Island paradise

A Maldivian Island has come on the market complete with building permits for a luxury hotel resort and spa.

Orivaru is a tropical island paradise in the northern Maldives covering an area of 14 hectares (34.6 acres)

The Five Most Reliable and Least Reliable Cars of 2014

When purchasing a new car, reliability is always an important thing to consider. Whilst some cars might look great, if they’re prone to faults then it will soon take the shine off the experience. With this in mind, below are five of the most reliable cars and the five least reliable cars of 2014.

New Golf resort planned for Scotland

Planning consent has been granted for a hotel and leisure development in the heart of Scotland.

A consortium of British businessmen has put its weight behind a development of almost 500 acres on the outskirts of the Scottish capital.