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A Third of British Adults Generously Donate Food Over Christmas

Despite the chaos and excitement of the festive period, almost a third (32%) of the British public have remembered vulnerable people in need by generously donating food to those in need across the country, according to a new survey published today.

Non-traditional Christmas on the cards for Britain this year

• One in twenty (4.2%) will spend Christmas Day shopping online
• One in three (35.1%) Brits will not eat turkey for their Christmas meal
• Almost a fifth (15%) do not intend to send any Christmas cards
• One in ten (10.3%) Londoners will not buy presents

Generous Britain (GB): Brits lead the way in Christmas gifting

 … and we’re officially the most organised in Europe, too

A global study by online marketplace eBay has revealed we buy more Christmas gifts for more people than any other nation in Europe surveyed.

Find Your Perfect Match: Food & Wine

You’ve nailed the recipes, sorted the entertainment and invited the guests, but when throwing a dinner party many people don’t feel confident choosing a wine to perfectly complement that signature dish. Luckily our handy guide will help you

The contraceptive pill for men – how could it work?

The invention of the contraceptive pill for women is considered one of the most important developments in medicine of the 20th century.

Eurostar Launches New Fleet

•    150 million customers over 20 years

•    Year-on-year growth drives expansion to new routes

•    One year to go until the e320 goes into commercial service

Heathrow Hub is the most politically deliverable airport proposal, says Jock Lowe

• Cost: The cheapest Heathrow proposal

• Noise: No significant new communities in noise footprint, early morning landings could move 2 miles west; potential curtailing of night quota flights and provision of respite periods

Gaming to go over $100 billion

Gaming is booming and mobile gaming is booming – and they’re both set to boom a whole lot further yet.

OK – so tell us something we didn’t know!

Vitalise: Are the UK’s top visitor attractions accessible enough?

UK’s top tourist attractions need to work harder on accessibility or risk losing out on vital income, warns disability charity Vitalise

Over half of Brits won’t open the door to Trick or Treaters this Hallowe’en

• 50.4% of consumers won’t open their door to trick or treaters, with only 4.2% telling them to go away
• Brits are spending more this Halloween than 2013 with projected spending up 5.25% to £443m
• Halloween overshadows Bonfire Night, over half (52.9%) think that Bonfire Night is not as exciting as it once was

Take Charge of Your Eyesight: Laser Eye Surgery Options Expand in the UK

Laser eye surgery is now a very popular procedure in the UK with well in excess of 100,000 patients receiving treatment each year.

The rise of UK regional airports

The UK’s various regional airports have allowed many people to experience foreign holidays without having to travel to London to catch a flight. As with many businesses today though, the UK’s regional airports are experiencing mixed fortunes in terms of passenger numbers and profits.