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Babies in Church: What You Need to Know About Catholic Baptism

Baptizing a baby is a beautiful, meaningful event. If you've never done it, though, the process can be a little confusing. It's helpful to learn some basics about it before getting started.

Britain on craze alert for Disney's Tsum Tsum toys

• Pester power could reach heights of the Beanie Baby phenomenon

• Stores prepare for rush when they go on sale from today

A new craze to rival Tamagotchi, Bey Blades, Beanie Babies, Pokemon and Cabbage Patch Dolls

The Cost of a Date

On the eve of Valentine’s day our minds turn to the subject of romance and that dream date with that dream somebody.

One third of Europeans keep money secrets from their partner

- Pan-European study reveals almost a third (31%) of Europeans think it is normal for couples to keep secrets about money from one another

– French consumers (42%) most likely to be willing to keep money secrets

Love your mouth this Valentine's Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, a leading charity says it is the perfect opportunity to pucker up and take a look at our oral health.

Fifty Shades of Beige – Britain is a nation of Prudes!

The Fifty shades books have sold over 100 million copies. Their phenomenon reflects the universal desire to be swept away from our mundane lives and into a world of passion and ecstasy

Red Tuesday: The Top Dumping Day of the Year is Four Days before Valentine’s Day!

‘Red Tuesday’ is the top dumping day of the year, just four days before Valentine’s Day, according to new research

Confessions of a chocoholic: BHF reveals nation’s cravings for sweet treats

Charity challenges the nation to Dechox and give up chocolate for March -

Almost half (43%) of UK adults have lied to their partner about how much chocolate they’re eating

Margaret Thatcher, Terry Wogan and Prince Charles – unlikely heart throbs of the 1980s

• Poll from 1981 reveals surprise sex symbols from the world of politics and royalty

• Celebrity figures named as dream Valentines

• UK population more romantic than ever before

Light jogging the key to living longer according to research

Jogging between one and two-and-a-half hours a week could be the answer to living longer according a new study.

British Beer Sales Up for the First Time in Ten Years

• Total beer sales up 1.3 per cent in 2014, ending a decade of decline=

• Off-trade sales overtake on trade, for the first time on record

• A third duty cut is vital, says BBPA's Brigid Simmonds

More than a third of kids in England are overweight/obese

But some evidence that rates may be levelling off in younger children

More than a third of children in England are overweight/obese, finds a 20 year study of electronic health records