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7 Ways to Be a Christmas Hero

Christmas can be a stressful time of year, so to make things easier, Travelzoo has put together this infographic identifying 7 key ways that you can easily become a Christmas hero.

Happy Christmas – to me!

A third of Brits admit they ‘present pinch’

Nearly a third (30%) of Brits admit to keeping a Christmas present bought for someone else – because they like it so much

Nearly one in five to enjoy a frugal Christmas lunch

10% still paying for Christmas months later

Families hoping to be frugal this Christmas can enjoy the festive day for just over £100.

Drug Crime – Not Worth The Risk

Brits abroad urged to consider consequences of drug crime

Each year British nationals on holiday are putting themselves at risk of arrest or detention for drug-related offending.

A Third of British Adults Generously Donate Food Over Christmas

Despite the chaos and excitement of the festive period, almost a third (32%) of the British public have remembered vulnerable people in need by generously donating food to those in need across the country, according to a new survey published today.

Non-traditional Christmas on the cards for Britain this year

• One in twenty (4.2%) will spend Christmas Day shopping online
• One in three (35.1%) Brits will not eat turkey for their Christmas meal
• Almost a fifth (15%) do not intend to send any Christmas cards
• One in ten (10.3%) Londoners will not buy presents

Generous Britain (GB): Brits lead the way in Christmas gifting

 … and we’re officially the most organised in Europe, too

A global study by online marketplace eBay has revealed we buy more Christmas gifts for more people than any other nation in Europe surveyed.

Find Your Perfect Match: Food & Wine

You’ve nailed the recipes, sorted the entertainment and invited the guests, but when throwing a dinner party many people don’t feel confident choosing a wine to perfectly complement that signature dish. Luckily our handy guide will help you

The contraceptive pill for men – how could it work?

The invention of the contraceptive pill for women is considered one of the most important developments in medicine of the 20th century.

Eurostar Launches New Fleet

•    150 million customers over 20 years

•    Year-on-year growth drives expansion to new routes

•    One year to go until the e320 goes into commercial service

Heathrow Hub is the most politically deliverable airport proposal, says Jock Lowe

• Cost: The cheapest Heathrow proposal

• Noise: No significant new communities in noise footprint, early morning landings could move 2 miles west; potential curtailing of night quota flights and provision of respite periods

Gaming to go over $100 billion

Gaming is booming and mobile gaming is booming – and they’re both set to boom a whole lot further yet.

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