Marks & Spencer Investment into Greater China

Marks & Spencer has today provided an update on the growth plans for its China business. In line with prior announcements Marks & Spencer has today confirmed that:

Reaction to Labour proposal for curbs on high earners’ pension tax relief

Towers Watson says that the precise impact of curbs on pensions tax relief proposed by Ed Miliband would depend on details that have not yet been spelt out.

Feeding the crime problem: 3 in 4 men’s prisons are overcrowded

The scale of the prison overcrowding crisis in England and Wales is laid bare today (Monday 2 March) as figures reveal that three in four men’s jails are holding more people than they are designed for.

Help firms get finance for future growth, CBI urges next government

A UK market for private placed debt could unlock £15 billion

The CBI is urging the next government to ‘mind the gap’ in the financial services sector’s ability to help unleash new long-term growth capital

Advertised salaries perk up after stagnant quarter

• Advertised salaries rose 0.1% in January after flatlining in Q4 2014

• Leading indicator suggests employees are set to experience real wage growth of £2,477 compared to last year

HSBC helps first-time buyers with lowest ever 90% LTV rate

Market-leading 2 year discount rate

'Generation Rent' Gives Up On The Housing Ladder

Ahead of the Election, independent poll finds out which parties are currently winning over ‘Generation Rent’

• Research puts Labour policies firmly front of mind for voters but Milliband still fails to connect

UK public turning to alternative financial products for their pension in response to lack of time and savings

• 92.2% of UK pension planners would consider an alternative investment in order to quickly and effectively maximise their retirement income

Is Oil Returning To $100 Or Dropping To $10?

If you have been following the price of oil over the last few months, the chances are you're a little confused. On the one hand you have the likes of

Pension Commission needed to tackle pension uncertainty

International Longevity Centre – UK makes the case for political consensus required to tackle “perfect storm” for savers

• Current policy not enough to secure adequate retirement incomes for many.

In parts of Britain half of jobs pay less than the living wage

In some parts of Britain half the jobs are paying less than the living wage, the TUC revealed this week at the start of the second week of the TUC’s Fair Pay Fortnight.

Only six weeks to go and pension confusion reigns

More than three quarters of people nearing retirement are undecided on how they will fund their lifestyle, with new legislation bringing more freedom than ever for those aged 55 and over only 6 weeks away.