Defined benefit membership falls by 100,000 in 12 months – and that’s before rebates disappear

The number of non-government employees adding to pension entitlements in defined benefit schemes fell by 100,000 in the year to March 2014,

UK consumer confidence hits highest level for seven years

• Positivity about job prospects also at 7 year high

• Proportion of consumers willing to spend money at highest level for 8 years

• Proportion of consumers who believe UK is in a recession at lowest point on record

Prison deaths rise to highest level since records began in 1978

The number of people dying in prison has risen to its highest level since records began in 1978, figures seen by the Howard League for Penal Reform reveal today (30 October 2014).

House prices rose 0.5% in October says the Nationwide

The latest house price index (HPI) from nationwide building society shows the price of an average house went up by 0.5 percent in October, so recovering from September’s slight fall of 0.1 percent.

50% rise in employee insurance costs threatened if working age increases

UK companies are facing big cost increases in their employee insurance premiums as the average age of their employees continues to rise. Research from Towers Watson shows that when a company’s average employee age rises by five years its Group Income Protection insurance premium could increase by as much as 50%.

49% increase in amount levied through indirect taxes in last 10 years due to shift in tax burden

• Indirect taxes harder to collect, so shift creates more opportunity for abuse

• Bloomsbury Professional celebrates its 10th anniversary in October

The Government has made a significant shift in its revenue raising from direct to indirect taxes

September Land Registry Results Just Published: The Real Picture

Contrary to reports that investment demand in Prime Central London (PCL) residential has already stalled in the lead up to the UK general election, just released Land Registry HPI statistics, analysed by London Central Portfolio, paint a different picture.

“Who cares, wins”

Managers’ ethics linked to better performance, shows research

Winning hearts and minds is not just an empty strap line: who cares, wins, according to a new research report published by CMI (the Chartered Management Institute) and MoralDNA™.

Insolvencies fall but unsecured borrowing rise is storing up problems

• Businesses not dealing with fundamental problems because of cheap debt

• Interest rates rise will see end to ‘phony war

Altmann urges companies and governments across the world to “Retain, Retrain and Recruit” older workers

Pensions Minister says the situation is improving for older workers but we must “keep our foot on the accelerator”.

Ros Altmann, the UK Government’s Business Champion for Older Workers will today

UKIP response to collapse of EU referendum bill

David Cameron’s attempts to make a European Union in/out referendum legally binding on the next government to be holding the reins of power in 2017 has collapsed under the strain of the coalition agreement his party has with the Lib Dems.

Housing market should continue to drop down the MPC’s worry list – EY ITEM Club

• Household borrowing continues at a subdued level…

• …while mortgage approvals drop to a 14-month low

• Housing market should continue to drop down the MPC’s worry list