Lib Dems Announce They Will Give Fathers More Paternity Leave

The Liberal Democrats have announced in their manifesto today that they will give fathers an extra four weeks paternity leave.

House Prices Rise 1.7% in July

Average house prices rose by 1.7 percent in July according to the latest Land Registry data, as well as rising by 7.2 percent over the previous 12 months.

First Tory Councillor to defect to UKIP due to Carswell

Sevenoaks politics just became more interesting with the announcement that Conservative Councillor Chris Neal, who represents Cowden and Hever on Sevenoaks District Council has joined UKIP.

Hometrack Housing Survey reveals house price plateau on weaker demand

Hometrack’s August National Housing Survey has revealed that house prices have risen by just 0.1% for the second month in a row as the gap between supply and demand narrows rapidly.

Quarter of UK Employees Admit to Making False Expense Claims

Research released today states that 1 in 4 employees has bent the rules when making an expenses claim at work – potentially claiming back more than they are entitled to on company expenses.

Apprenticeships key to reducing youth unemployment

• Firms should be obliged to take on apprenticeships in proportion to their size, report argues

• Longer training periods would result in better qualified young people and lower youth unemployment

• Lessons from German industry show need for longer-term investment in people and products

The Economic Case for Independence Still Hasn’t Been Made Says CBI President Sir Mike Rake

Just three weeks out from the Scottish Referendum, Sir Mike Rake will tell an audience of business leaders that the CBI has a right and a duty to raise questions about issues of legitimate interest for businesses, workers and citizens across the UK.

New Technology Could End The Debate Over Pipeline Safety

Who could have ever imagined that North America would surpass Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest producer of oil and natural gas liquids? A decade ago, that would have seemed laughable.

Borro Continues to Boost Small Businesses as Funding for Lending Disappoints

• Borro has lent £20 million to small businesses in last 12 months

• Average loan to SMEs has increased to £26,000

• One business owner secured a £150,000 loan against antique porcelain collection

Scottish independence predicted to have negative impact on shipping and offshore maritime sector

But 74% of industry surveyed said they had no plan of action for a Yes vote

A vote for independence from the UK would have a negative effect on the Scottish shipping and offshore maritime sector, according to a survey by leading international accountant and shipping adviser Moore Stephens.

Net Migration into the UK Increases

The latest migration statistics from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows that net long term immigration into the UK has increased to 243,000 for the year to March 2014, a ‘statistically significant’ increase

Tory MP Douglas Carswell defects to UKIP

In a political bombshell for David Cameron, just returning from his holidays, the Conservative MP for Clacton, Douglas Carswell, has announced that he is defecting to the UK Independence Party.