The Joke’s on William Hague and the Tories

William Hague must be kicking himself after his remarks about a defector to UKIP ended up boosting the UK Independence Party’s coffers.

Ex-Im Bank Supports U.S. Jobs Through $1 Billion Guarantee of Pemex Bonds To Be Issued in the Capital Markets

Guarantee of Pemex Bonds Will Support an Estimated 6,700 U.S. Jobs

The Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im Bank) on Monday approved two authorizations totaling $1 billion in financing to support the export of U.S. goods and services

The economic impact of sterling’s recent moves: more than a midsummer night’s dream

Speaking at an event organised by 100 Women in Hedge Funds, at the Canada Imperial Bank of Commerce, Kristin Forbes discusses the impact of the recent appreciation in the sterling exchange rate on the UK economy.

The Rise in Loans From Luxury

• Borro lends against super value Hermes handbags

• Average handbag loan is £9,000

• £210,000 loaned against designer handbags since December 2013

Green Party: We must stop the privatisation of our NHS

• Coalition’s health policy leaves NHS in poor health

• Nothing short of a publicly owned, publicly run NHS free at the point of service will do

• Greens believe in positive alternatives to austerity

CHART OF THE WEEK: The UK Exchange Rate


The decade leading up to the 2008 financial crisis was characterised by a very high real effective exchange rate, but also a period of serious decline for the UK manufacturing sector. This represents a longer term connection between the two.

Nearly Half of Homes With Planning Permission Have Yet to be Built

Figures released today (1st October) reveal that, while 238,000 homes received planning permission last year, only 129,000 units actually started construction in the same period.

David Cameron’s new tax suit is purple

Either David Cameron accidentally read out parts of the speech that Nigel Farage gave in Doncaster last week, or they are using the same speech writer.

Camer-Gone? Bookies Tip Him To Go Next Year

Whatever the Tory party faithful may think abut the performance of their leader at their Birmingham conference, it is the bookies that usually have a realistic handle on the real political thinking in the country.

Macroprudential, macroprudential and monetary policy: conflict, compromise or co-ordination?

In a speech today at Richmond University, Deputy Head of the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA), Paul Fisher discusses the conditions under which the Bank of England’s three policy committees – the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), the Financial Policy Committee (FPC) and the PRA Board – can work effectively together to deliver their separate objectives.

New research outlines the ingredients for a successful ‘Big Society’

Research disproves the theory that reducing government support will boost social enterprise

Fortnum & Mason Becomes Parody Target for PETA

PETA has taken advantage of new laws that come into effect today that allow copyrighted material to be used for the purpose of parody, caricature and pastiche.