Inflation Versus Earnings

Earnings may be recovering with relation to inflation, but what about benefit payments?

A tough job just got harder for the Chancellor says ACCA

Government accounts make grim reading for Phillip Hammond as September borrowing higher than expected

Labour push for government timetable and vote on Brexit

Labour Party keeps up the pressure on the Government over its plans for Brexit

A 50 year wait for homes in London is a disgrace

Is a 50 year wait for a council house acceptable?

UK Inflation hits 1%

UK CPI inflation continues to rise

Hillary Clinton to be elected in landslide with 327 electoral college votes

Clinton projected to win US presidency by landslide

EU Nations' Reliance on UK Trade

Are EU states willing to take an economic hit on Brexit to maintain the political union?

Women earn £8,500 a year less than men by the time they reach their 50s

“Women suffer a huge pay penalty over the course of their careers, which peaks in their 50s"

Private top-up insurance could help pay for the NHS, argues expert

But a critic says this could lead to inequities in healthcare

UKIP Leadership Candidate Kassam Breaks Online Engagement Record After Just Five days

Candidate for UKIP leadership has broken the record for online engagement in a UKIP leadership election contest after just 5 days campaigning.

How can the Bank of England serve society and maintain stability in times of change?

On 14 October, the Governor and Deputy Governors will spend the day in the Midlands, meeting with a wide cross-section of the society it serves.

Mike Hookem MEP: “Using French Steel in new subs is a betrayal of Britain.”

UKIP defence spokesman blasts government and BAE for using French steel in the construction of Successor Class Trident Subs.