School holidays leave kids hungry for three meals a day

One in eight pupils (13 per cent) is not getting enough to eat in the school holidays*. This is according to teachers who are worried by changes in pupils, such as weight loss, when they return to school in the new term.

​UKIP: Strip Islamic State Jihadists of British citizenship

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage has urged the Government to consider blocking the return of UK nationals who have gone to fight for Islamic State militants in the Middle East.

Neil and Christine Hamilton Open UKIP Bournemouth East Office

Neil and Christine Hamilton were the stars at the well attended opening of the UKIP Bournemouth East headquarters, with Christine doing the honours using a rather large pair of scissors.

Tories plan to target temporary migrant workers to raise tax

Under plans being drawn up by the Chancellor, George Osborne, up to about a quarter of a million migrant workers will pay tax for the first time, despite their earnings being below the £10,000 threshold

Osborne’s tax raid would trigger expats to cut ties with the UK

A growing number of British expats are likely to “sever financial ties with the UK” should the government introduce plans to make them pay tax on UK-earned income, forecasts

Young adult prisoner suicides: Cries for help are going unheard

The Howard League for Penal Reform has responded to the Prison and Probation Ombudsman’s learning lessons bulletin on young adult prisoners who died by suicide, published today (13 August).

Cameron’s trade deal would ‘open floodgates’ to Philip Morris style cases

Campaigners have warned that Britain would open the floodgates to a string of legal challenges by big business if it ratified the upcoming EU-US trade deal. As Philip Morris threatens to sue the UK for £11 billion over plans

Where Do You Go For Reliable Health Advice?

New research has revealed the growing trend of people taking important health and well-being advice from unreliable sources.

Almost 4 in 10 people would choose to go online to seek advice on their own health and wellbeing

EU membership is compromising UK national security

• Military integration of EU is undermining interoperability with Nato and the US

• European nations’ low defence spending and reluctance to deploy bodes ill for Britain

• UK should seek to obtain a favourable exit deal as part of next EU treaty negotiations

Six in 10 doctors surveyed in Scotland plan to vote against independence

Fears for the Scottish economy under independence key factor for “no” voters

Six in 10 doctors working in Scotland who responded to a snapshot survey by The BMJ plan to vote against separation from the UK in next month’s referendum.

Blanket Ban on Prisoners Voting is Against Their Human Rights

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has followed an earlier ruling and declared that a blanket ban preventing ten prisoners from voting infringed their human rights.

House price rise under the Conservatives nearly twice the level of Labour

Next year’s general election should get you thinking. And not just about the usual political foibles that go with choosing who to vote for. Education, the deficit, social housing, tax, Europe, the welfare state, foreign policy and the NHS are all important factors.