Counter Terrorism expert and former Deputy Mayor of London Richard Barnes joins UKIP

Richard Barnes author of the report on the 7/7 London Bombings and the former Deputy Mayor under Boris Johnson has joined UKIP.

Osborne: Choose the future

In his conference speech today, George Osborne set out the choice at the next election between David Cameron and the Conservatives who say they have answers to the big questions about Britain’s future, or Ed Miliband and the Labour Party who the Conservatives say would repeat the mistakes of the past.

European Commission jumps on global tax crackdown bandwagon

Comment by Taxand on the report in the Financial Times [1] that the European Commission is investigating Apple’s tax affairs in Ireland and the use of ‘sweetheart deals’.

Mark Reckless Astounds by Joining UKIP at the UKIP Doncaster Conference

Just as the UKIP leader Nigel Farage was getting up a head of steam during his speech to the party’s conference in Doncaster he suddenly stopped short. He then, at just ten minutes (if that) into his speech, said that he had talked enough and that he would hand over to a special guest.

Paul O’Grady to Lord Mayor: Please Don’t Herd Sheep Across London Bridge

Telly Presenter Says Archaic Event Shows Disregard for Animal Welfare

No Delay – Minimum Wage Increase Now to Create Jobs and Boost the Economy

A major new independent report submitted to the Low Pay Commission has shown that a national increase of £1.50 per hour in the national minimum wage in 2015 would benefit 4.6 million workers by an average of £1,400 per year

Green Party membership now over 19,000 following ‘incredible’ growth

Membership of the Green Party of England and Wales is now over 19,000 following a massive surge over the past year.

EU and Canada to push through ‘anti-democratic’ trade deal

The EU and Canada are set to agree a trade deal tomorrow (26 September) branded by campaigners as ‘a disaster for democracy’. The deal will give foreign companies new powers over government decisions, and has been negotiated in secret, bypassing the British, Canadian and European parliaments.

UKIP South Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner Candidate Announced

Following a vote by the party’s National Executive Council, The UK Independence Party says it is proud to announce that former Police Inspector, Jack Clarkson, will stand as the party’s candidate in the forthcoming Police & Crime Commissioner by-election in South Yorkshire.

United Nations Climate Summit 2014

As global leaders and industry heads gather in New York for the UN Secretary-General’s historic climate summit, the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) calls on governments and the private sector to commit to concrete action to eliminate hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs)

CISI calls for whistleblower financial hardship fund at SPEAK UP event

Set up financial hardship fund for industry whistleblowers and encourage financial services firms to adopt a Speak Up policy, says CISI

UK net borrowing up again

It looks like George Osborne’s promise to balance the books of the UK economy has come under further threat as the latest borrowing figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show the deficit increased by £11.6 billion in August