Signal and Noise

•An analysis over three months in 2016 revealed 188,000 abusive tweets sent to MPs

•People believe anonymity protects them from repercussions

Africa subsidises the rest of the world by over $40 billion in one year

Much more wealth is leaving the world’s most impoverished continent than is entering it, according to new research into total financial flows into and out of Africa.

FTC and Florida Halt Massive Debt Relief Scam

AIC Recommends Clearer Disclosure of the Risks of Open-Ended Funds Investing in Illiquid Assets


Slight decline in Polls for Tories Says ICM

The latest political opinion poll from ICM in the lead up to the 2017 General Election, puts the Conservative Party firmly in the lead at 47 percent, a one percent drop on last week.

Tory U-turn not good enough – older votes must keep up the pressure, says O'Flynn

Youth Vote Only Matters in a Handful of Constituencies

Draconian EU vaping rules show why we have to have a full clean Brexit

Science, Technology & Environment

Regular chocolate consumption may be linked to lower risk of heart flutter (atrial fibrillation)

Associations strongest for 1 serving/week for women and 2-6 servings/week for men, findings show

The EU-wide ban on the water hyacinth

Dr Julia Reid MEP, UKIP’s Environment Spokesman said: “As we begin to prepare our gardens for the summer, many of us will be reminded why our decision to leave the European Union was the right one.

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