There are More University Students Than Available Accommodation

In 2016-17, the number of purpose built beds reached more than half a million at 568,000 – an increase of 5.4% from the previous year.

Foreign Visitors Spending More in the UK

The latest data on overseas travel and tourism for June 2017 from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows that both visits and spending by overseas residents is up on the same time last year.

Historic Graduate and Apprentice Share by Work Sector

Death of the Vending Machine

Business & Finance

Does Credit Card Debt Consolidation Work? Here are Some Ideas

First things first; credit card debt in the U.S is now spiraling out of control. According to a recent American Household credit Card Debt study, the average household has $134,643 in total debt.

Economic Diary for Week Commencing 21st Aug 2017

Household Cost-Cutting Hits Two-Year High

Kingfisher’s shares suffer another setback as bad weather impacts sales at B&Q


Number of patients on mixed sex wards doubles since last year

The number of patients suffering the indignity of staying in mixed-sex wards soared to 908 in July 2017, more than double the number in the same month last year.

Why do we deny sanctuary to those who risked their lives for us?

The Employment Good News Continues, But Pay in Real Terms Falls

Labour calls for Universal Credit roll out to be halted

Science, Technology & Environment

First evidence that e-cigarettes may be prompting UK teens to try the real thing

Some signs that vaping may also escalate tobacco use

E-cigarettes may be prompting UK teens to start smoking the real thing

The Leadership Challenges of Implementing AI in the Workplace

By Rohit Talwar, Steve Wells and Alexandra Whittington, Fast Future

Technological changes are defining the world of 21st century business.

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