Is your life too cluttered? Read on to learn about the benefits of de-cluttering

Whether it’s hoarding toiletries in the bathroom or having thousands of unread emails in our inboxes, we’re all living amongst clutter. But why? Isn’t there some truth in the old ‘less is more’ adage? We think so…

1. Mess causes stress

Clutter bombards our minds with so much stimulation that we can’t fully unwind. In fact, a poll conducted on reveals that more than a third of people have so much clutter that they avoid coming home because they find it hard to relax! Why not ease in to decluttering your home by putting some items into storage?

2.  Less time tidying

Reducing your weekly cleaning time is a convincing reason to do away with at least some of your belongings. A home with less stuff to put out of place means there’s less to put back in to place.

Clutter (PD)

3. Find things more quickly

If you can’t recall where something might be lurking, do you really think you need it? Decluttering will curtail frustration and allow you to find the items you actually want at short notice.

4. More physical space

Even the smallest of homes feel much bigger when there’s less filling them. Get clever with the way you’re using your space, keeping only the items that are useful or of real sentimental value to you.

5. Detach from ‘things’

Many of us keep every love letter, break up letter, newspaper, book, wedding day menu and more, reasoning that, 'it’s not hurting anyone to keep hold of this this stuff’. Whilst it’s ok to hold on to one or two things, it might be healthier to set the standard at, 'how is this helping?' Rather than, 'how is this not hurting?'.

6. Benefit a friend or charity

You’ll have heard the saying 'one man’s trash is another man’s treasure', which is a great mantra to repeat when you’re considering decluttering. You could gift, donate, recycle or sell many of your belongings, either making you some extra cash or just making someone’s day.

7. Focus on what matters

Decluttering our homes prompts us to consider our consumer habits. There’s no point beating yourself up as you declutter (you’ve already paid enough for it, so let it go!), but it might make you think twice about what you want in the future.

8. Strengthen your decision making skills

When we find it hard to make choices about our belongings, we revert to our default: ‘keep’. But could it be possible that your belongings are currently controlling you? Decluttering your house, even a little at a time, will strengthen your decision making skills and give you a sense of control.

9. You might be more productive

Some people prefer a bit of clutter on their desk, but for many of us, disordered spaces inhibit creativity and productivity. Open and orderly environments are brilliant for thinking clearly as they give you a blank canvas.

10. You might make better choices

Studies have shown that decluttering can help you to make good choices. Two groups of people were asked to choose whether to donate money to a worthy cause. One group was placed in a messy room and the other group was placed in a clean room. The result? 82% of people in the clean room donated, while only 47% in the messy room did. The lesson? Decluttering can result in morally good behaviours!

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