Recycle to make your office as green as it can be

Are you looking to reduce your carbon footprint? Perhaps you're getting sick of the amount of waste that you're throwing out on a daily basis. If you do want to do your bit for the environment, recycling is one of the easiest ways to ensure you are making a difference. Here are our top 10 tips for reducing your waste and improving your recycling!

Paper Shredding (PD)

Shred and recycle used paper

1. Encourage reuse

If you are sick of seeing plastic cups and plates filling up your waste bins, why not introduce a policy of only using reusable items in the office? Many people are unaware that the majority of hot drink cups cannot be recycled so education is key here!

2. Donate!

If you are revamping your office or simply replacing some furniture with more modern pieces, try to find a home for your old equipment. Look out for community groups and nonprofit organizations who would really benefit from the desks, chairs and tables that would otherwise end up on landfill.

3. Check your waste contract

Companies in large cities such as London may find themselves faced with a hefty rubbish clearance bill as the price of recyclables fluctuates. Shop around to find out if your rubbish clearance contract can be renegotiated. Not only could it save you money, you could also opt for a greener alternative such as Greenline Environmental.

4. Appoint a green leader

Advertise for a figurehead in your company who can take charge of implementing green policies. You may find you have a keen eco-warrior in your midst who can educate the rest of the company about the environmental impact of their decisions.

5. Audit your processes

Take a look at the green policies that are currently being used across the company. Could you be doing more to help? For a building to be operating at peak green performance, you need to consider everything, including maintenance, heat and lighting choices.

6. Get competitive

Competition is always a great motivator, so why not organise a recycling contest in the office to encourage departments to go head to head to see who can recycle the most waste?

7. Be transparent

Place signs around the office to remind your employees that yours is a green workplace. Ensure recycling signs are visible and send out friendly reminders if you find that standards are slipping.

8. Recycle e-waste

Did you know that 20-50 million tons of e-Waste are generated worldwide every year? Dumping old electronic machinery improperly increases the risk of toxins escaping. Since electronic equipment is updated continuously, it is important that obsolete machinery is reused, refurbished or recycled.

9. Get shredding

If you don't already have a shredder in your office, get one. Many of the shredding companies offer proper disposal of the waste after it has been through the machine, ensuring that the paper is recycled and not just dumped.

10. Promote your success

If you have recently implemented a green office policy, make sure your employees know about the impact it is having. If you program successfully hits a target, make sure you announce it through a company-wide email. This will raise morale and encourage staff to keep up the good work.

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