International money transfer specialist Smart Currency Business has published a series of 2014 Forecasts for three currency pairings: sterling-euro, sterling-US dollar and euro-US dollar.

"Many businesses trading in international currencies don't realise the savings they can carve out from establishing an educated currency-buying strategy," explains Smart Currency Business Director Carl Hasty. "Part of business finance is reacting to the unknown, like overseas prices, inflation and exchange rates. Another element involves being proactive by cutting costs creatively, for example, by saving on currency exchange costs.

"In addition to currency predictions, the 2014 Forecasts also offer businesses context surrounding the state of play of the UK, Eurozone and US economies. The forecasts both look back at key economic events in 2013 and look forward to upcoming events, giving readers a view of factors that have influenced and may influence the three currency pairings.

"Businesses dealing with international payments have many functions to juggle. Knowing when to buy or sell currency can create savings that could improve their bottom line significantly."

The series of forecasts can be found HERE.

World bank Notes by Veronidae

World bank Notes by Veronidae

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