Survey reveals almost half of people with a partner believe they'd be wealthier alone

If you've ever told your other half that they're more trouble than they're worth, you may not have been entirely in the wrong. asked a total of 600 participants split by relationship status whether they thought they'd be financially better off alone or in a relationship. A whopping 45.4% of people in a relationship answered yes.

Despite the high cost of living alone and of shouldering bills, rent and mortgages solo, almost half of the 300 “loved up” individuals asked by claimed they'd be richer as singletons.

Both gender and age played a big part in the answers to the survey. Men were much more likely to believe that they'd have more money as bachelors. Women were more likely to think they were better off where they are:

• 52% of men in a relationship believe they'd be richer as bachelors

• 61% of women in a relationship think they'd be financially better off as they are.

• Age affected the results as it was largely middle-aged people (35-44) who answered Yes.

• Ironically, 68% of Single People Don’t Think They’d Be Wealthier In a Relationship

But are men really still spending more money on women than women are on men in the 21st century? Can the stereotypes really be true? Well that's where age comes in…

Couple (PD)Middle-aged men were much more likely to claim they'd be wealthier flying solo, with 68.8% of male 35-44 year olds claiming singledom would be more cost-effective. In the 24-35 age group, 48.8% of male respondents believed they would be richer as singletons.

Perhaps the grass is greener on the other side. While those of us with a better half spend money on dates, getaways, weddings and birthday gifts, single people face the burden of shouldering food bills, energy bills, petrol and rent alone. Yet, in reality, the 300 single people polled in the survey seemed oblivious to these extra costs. 68.2% of singles claimed that they felt a relationship would cost them more money, not less.

The revealing survey was undertaken to celebrate the launch of's new quiz [1]: 'Are You Richer Single or In a Relationship?'

Answer a few simple questions about your spending habits and the interactive tool will work out exactly how much better off you are financially in a relationship versus as a singleton. Your results will give you the cold, hard facts in a handy infographic and tell you how much you'd save as a couple or a singleton in yearly net worth.

So does being in love cost too much? Or should we all feel heartened that, despite the perceived price of a relationship, so many of us as still happily loved up?


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