Universal Credit being abused by George Osborne says Labour

Labour will use opposition day debate to force vote on Tory cuts to Universal Credit, as new research shows 5.5 million working parents set to be £950 per year worse off

The Labour Party will use the first opposition day debate of 2016 to force a parliamentary vote on Tory plans to cut Universal Credit.

This comes as new research from Owen Smith MP, Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, revealed that 5.5 million working parents are set to be worse off by an average £950 a year as a result of Tory tax and benefit changes.

As a result, the Labour Party is calling for a repeat of the cross-party alliance that helped force the Tory government to change course and halt cuts to tax credits.

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Commenting, Owen Smith MP, Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, said:

"It is now clear that Iain Duncan Smith’s pet project of Universal Credit is being abused by George Osborne as a cash cow, milking the support it is supposed to offer working families, to pay for his U-turn on Tax Credits.

“Over 20 Tory MPs united with Labour in calling for that U-turn.  However, these compensatory cuts to Universal Credit will have an equally devastating impact.  They are nothing more than a Tory tax on working parents.  It will punish the very people it was designed to help and in the long run will mean 5.5 million working parents will be £950 a year worse off.

“That is why Labour is forcing a vote today on the Tories' plans to cut the Universal Credit work allowances.  Nothing short of a full reversal will be a fair outcome for the millions of working families who are set to be worse off.

“I have written to all Tory MPs who spoke out against the cuts to tax credits, calling for them to once again join Labour and stand up against unfair cuts to the incomes of working families.”

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