The Raspberry Pi was initially created by an English foundation to help schools teach students about basic computer science. Raspberry has captured the imagination of the computing world, with innovative approaches, not seen since the days of the 8-bit technology. Now they have made an impact on computing technology, to a point where the series is taken seriously by techno geeks worldwide.

Learn the basics with Raspberry Pi

Believe it or not, this simple piece of hardware is perfect to teach kids the basic art of programming. Scratch is the right program to use for this and there are many online tutorials to get you there. If you are looking to purchase, Makersify stock a range of competitively price raspberry pi's [1] with startup kits and other add on components.

Raspberry Pi (PD)

Here are some cool things you can do with a Raspberry Pi.

Make a case for your new Pi

Well we don’t want hose valuable electronics damaged by the elements so construct a protective case before you do anything else!  A cut out box made from cardboard will do the trick, or there are many templates online, which can provide you with the perfect protection.

TV gives you a portal to the Internet

Once you have a case, let’s see what you can do with a Raspberry PC. Well to start with, you can interact with your TV to give you browser power. This will allow you to surf the net with the right graphic capability. Just select the right browser and away you go!

Wireless extender

This awesome piece of kit can be created using the following hardware,

  • AUSB Wi-Fi dongle
  • Micro SD card
  • A Raspberry Pi

With these three components you can extend the range of your wireless signal.

Talking toy

This cool idea came from the movie Toy Story 3, which uses a Fisher Price telephone. By adding a Raspberry Pi B+, you can hear the local weather forecast and add sound clips of your choice. A great idea for the young ones, you could even have it tell short bedtime stories to your children.

A Picrowave oven

Yes, that’s right. Take an old microwave oven, replace the innards and make your own Pi oven. By redesigning the key pad you can add features like voice control, also by adding a web-based interface, you can have remote access.

Pi Phone

By taking a Raspberry Pi and combining it with a GSM module, a battery and a TFT touch screen, you have a homegrown cell phone. This project is a little more ambitious but definitely doable.

Innovative technology by Raspberry

The latest craze in personal computing, Raspberry has evolved over several versions with variations in memory capacity and peripheral device support. Check out this link if you are looking for more information about this hardware. The latest versions are more powerful than the first generation chips, with faster clock speeds and improved RAM capacity. The list of simple projects is growing as more and more users are becoming creative with Raspberry technology.


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