If you have a vacation booked soon, you won’t want to set off without your vape kit.

E-cigarettes are usually allowed in airports – although you may have to go outside to smoke them – and on planes, although, depending on the airline, there are a range of restrictions that apply.

Although you won’t be allowed to actually vape whilst you’re on board the plane (if only!), the vast majority of airlines will allow you to take your vape kit along with you in your hand luggage, providing that you abide by their rules. We’ve put together a guide with the five essential rules to follow when taking a vape kit on board a plane.

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Plastic Bags

It’s best to separate your vape kit into plastic bags in order to keep your security inspection as simple as possible. Put your electronics such as the battery and charger in one bag, the tank in another, and any e-liquids you’re taking in a third bag. Bear in mind that, as there are liquid restrictions for hand luggage on planes, your e-liquids will need to go in the bag with any other liquid that you’re taking on board, and be less than 100ml in volume. Your tank should be empty, unless it can fit into the clear plastic bag that you’ve put liquids in.

Make it Easy

The best way to get through security and check-in easily with a vape kit is to make the security staffs’ job is as easy as possible. Keep your e-cigarette and liquids on the top of your carry-on bag so that you can reach it easily when asked, without needing to rummage through your luggage. If your battery is inside your hand luggage case, then it’s the thing that’s most likely to get you flagged. If you are asked to declare any electronics on the way through check in, then you should mention this and ensure that you can easily get it for the staff to check if they ask. You might even want to consider mentioning to the staff beforehand that it’s in there, to make it easier if the x-ray machine flags it up.

Separate Your Electronics

If you’re taking a number of electronic gadgets with you such as a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or even a hair straightener, you should aim to keep them separate from the rest of your luggage and ensure that all batteries, chargers, and cables are kept in their own plastic bag, including those for your e-cigarette. Make sure you go through security with all the electronics that you have kept separately, to make everyone’s job easier.

Don’t Forget Pressure Changes

When the pressure changes in the cabin, any liquid that you might have in your e-cigarette tank is very likely going to leak. If it’s just sitting in your hold luggage bag, or even if your pocket, the leak might be a nasty inconvenience on your flight. The best way to deal with leaks is to either empty the liquids out of your tank before you board the plane, or use a clearomizer, which can turn so that the holes in the tank are not covered. Alternatively, you might want to consider taking disposable e-cigarettes instead, as these won’t leak.

Check the Website for Policy Changes

Even if you have successfully travelled with your vape kit in the past, or if you’ve taken your vape kit on board a plane from the same airline with no issues before, you should be aware that rules and regulations are subject to constant change. For this reason, it’s best to check both the TSA website and your specific airline’s website beforehand, to ensure that the regulations and policies regarding e-cigarettes have remained the same as the last time that you travelled.

If they have been altered, you will need to adjust your plans so that you adhere to these new regulations. Remember that almost no airline will allow you to pack your e-cigarette in your hold luggage, due to the risk of explosions and other accidents. If you’re not sure about your airline’s specific regulations, the best thing to do is get in touch with them and speak to a representative, who’ll be able to clearly explain to you the policies and procedures regarding taking a vape kit on the plane.

When taking a vape kit on a plane it’s essential that you follow all of the regulations to the letter, as if not, you run the risk of having your kit confiscated.

See HERE for updated UK rules on the use of e-cigarettes.

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