Whether you’re a DIY fanatic or simply love creating new things, you might dream of a fully-equipped workshop that you can retreat to.

Workshop (PD)

Innovative work areas are the perfect place to store practical supplies such as Rawlins Paints, or have a go at hands-on projects and while many people make do with transformed garages or garden sheds, others have the privilege of accessing incredible and somewhat breath-taking workshops – here are five of the best.

Santa’s workshop – North Pole

If you’ve ever wondered where all the toys are made for Christmas Day, don’t miss a tour of Santa’s workshop! The North Pole Experience is a magical, interactive adventure for kids and adults alike, which not only gives families the chance to meet Mr and Mrs Claus but to work side-by-side with the elves creating some of the best toys imaginable. The main factory floor comes complete with slides for the little ones and when the hard work’s done you can even retreat for snowman soup and cookies at the bakery.

Bentley Factory, Crewe

While there are many car manufacturers and workshops worldwide, none are more likely to catch the attention of automobile lovers than the Bentley Factory in Crewe. Okay, so it’s not your typical rustic workspace complete with rusty old spanners and decade-old tool boxes but it is a glorified workshop that produces some of the best vehicles known to man. Factory visits are exclusively offered to customers only, so if you’re car mad and looking to buy, this is a perk to remember.

Aston Pottery, Oxfordshire

From clay to finished product, Aston Pottery is the perfect place to see how pottery including mugs, bowls, vases, soap dishes, tea sets and plates are manufactured from scratch. The working pottery uses old-fashioned creative methods such as slip casting, jiggering/jollying, rollering, fettling and sponging and even the stencil artwork is done on sight. The Aston Pottery really is a great day out for all ages and you can even roll your sleeves up and have a go at decorating pots yourself.

Clothes-making workshops, Vietnam

Clothes making is big business in Vietnam with many side-street tailors competing to provide the best materials and bespoke outfits. There are literally rows and rows of fashion boutiques and while it can be hard to tell one apart from another the great thing about these retail stores is that they are active workshops – many complete with Western fashion magazines, sketch books and old sewing machines just waiting to be used. Hopping from one family-run store to another is an experience in itself and one not to be missed.

Melt Chocolates, London

Are you a chocoholic? Would you do anything to get your hands on some tongue-tingling treats? If so a trip to London’s Melt chocolatier and workshop could be right up your street. Not only can you buy your favourite sugary delights but you can also watch real chocolatiers at work as all the chocolate workshops are on site meaning that the products are also as fresh as can be.

There are many workshops around the globe and they come in many different forms as you can see from five of the coolest selections above.

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