As a salon owner, you have many issues to worry about; balancing the books is just one of many major concerns. Even though you may provide a wonderful service, there could be one or two things that have slipped under your radar that are adversely affecting your profits. Here are some unexpected revenue hammerers:

Noisy Salons

Your choice of music often has far-reaching ramifications. You’d be surprised at how this influences your clientele. Always play music in your waiting area, as music often helps pass the time and means that customers are less likely to complain. Decide on which music genre suits your salon best: high-end boutiques, for example, might play slow classic music, whereas alternative salons may go for rock tunes.

Being Too General

Is your salon special? Why? You need to find your niche. A general service salon gives your customers no reason to stay loyal to you. Could you offer something that your competitors can’t, such as frothy coffees or a massage service? Can you brand yourself to stand out in the crowd? Become a specialised business.


Often, customers have to sit down for a long time to receive treatments – this is where furniture becomes seriously important. Don’t scrimp on your furnishings; especially in salons, customers want to feel pampered, not uncomfortable. To give some perspective over the necessary products needed to get your salon into shape; this salon furniture product page offers some insights on the diversity and quality needed.

Members of staff also need to work with the best equipment that you can get within your budget. Awkwardly placed furniture and a lack of storage can affect how well they can do their job.

Salon Interior by Daquella Manera

By Daquella Manera

Ignoring Social Media

Social media should be your new best friend. An online presence is ideal for cultivating a brand for your salon, keeping customers up-to-date on the latest offers, and attracting new people to your business. Showcase your best work throughout the day, so your customers can get inspired for a new haircut. Without social media, it’s difficult to get noticed in an online world.

An interesting site which has gained strong reviews on this subject is leading Salon professional publication, Modern Salon – their salon business page provides highly credible views and is a worthwhile read –


Although almost no salons operate on a strict uniform basis, it’s important to establish how you want to present your staff to your customers. Often, salons go for a black clothing rule, but it doesn’t really matter which guidelines you choose, as long as employees fit in to the mould. Appearances are everything.


Only the best equipment will get the best results. This doesn’t always mean splashing out on expensive brands, but it does mean you need to know your salon products well. Talk to other salon owners and find out which products they swear by. Sometimes the best equipment comes in fairly cheap packaging – know your way around the market.

There’s no doubt that this will make a huge impact on your profits. Even the most skilled member of staff depends on his or her equipment to create fantastic styles that customers are happy with.

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