Google have followed in the footsteps of Mozilla by offering researchers a cash incentive to find any glitches in the code that powers its Chrome browser, Chromium. No doubt many of you have experienced the irritating screen that pops up on Chrome stopping your browsing activities in the past. Well Google have offered $500 to prevent problems such as this happening in the future. Google wish to make their browser as free from glitches and secure as possible by getting the technically talented to do all in their power to hunt down and handover details of these bugs to them to make it as user friendly as possible.

Chrome is a fast browser that has a minimal viewing format. This is very handy for those who want to see the whole of the page they are viewing, the bigger picture if you may. Chrome, much like Firefox and CometBird, offers a range of extensions to make your browsing as easy and enjoyable as possible. The Firefox and CometBird browsers offer the same but refer to these as add-ons. Chrome is very suited to multiple tab browsing and I find that it is far more efficient in doing so in comparison with other browsers such as Internet Explorer. The browser extensions allow you to integrate Google applications along with social networks such as Facebook, although unlike other browsers it favours the use of icons as opposed to toolbars that clog up your screen to give you the largest viewing area possible. It contains an easy to use bookmarking system where you can simply click the star on your navigation bar where you insert your website address to browse.

I have always had a special place on my desktop for the Chrome icon due to its speed and tabbed history facility. Although in the past I have been faced with an error screen that can be very frustrating, as once this arrives you have to restart the browser, sometimes even re-boot your computer to carry on with your surfing. This is seen when Google’s Chrome browser crashes and displays an ‘Aww Snap’ message. Chrome also has the added extra of adding themes; however, these are not as impressive as the Firefox equivalent.

Google is prepared to pay hackers up to $1,337 for critical bugs to make its browser the best of the best. Google are the first to go to a security researcher offering a reward for any bugs foud, dead or alive! There is no need to worry, there are no creepy crawly’s wandering around inside your computer! A bug is simply a small section of code that isnt compatible with the code as a whole, it therefore creates problems for the user and could provide an inefficiency in security which could then possibly lead to a malicious program or hacker making their way into your system.

I have only experienced the one problem ‘Aww Snap’. I have not over my time using the product had any other bad experiences with Chrome. It is a simle clean browser that gets the job done. Should you wish to be viewing your desired site through a letter box than by all means go back to your multiple toolbar on internet explorer. I personally find it best to have a mixture of browsers, as all have thier strengths and weakness. Google Chrome has very few of the latter.

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