Most people who are skeptical about chiropractic care are afraid to come in for treatment because they believe that they will be entering Dante’s Inferno. In other words, they believe that they will come in for one treatment, and will never be able to stop coming back – that the chiro will do something to them that will make them dependent on care. If you want to get more patients, you have to diffuse this objection and smash these 7 other myths people believe.

No Legitimate Person Uses Chiropractic Care

A lot of patients believe that no serious person comes to a chiropractor for treatment.

Explain that a lot of athletes use chiropractors to help them work though sports-related injuries or immobilized joints.

If you want to get new chiropractic patients, and even new athletic patients, this is an important point to bring up.

Pain Is The First Symptom Of a Problem

Most people believe that pain is the first sign of a problem. You know better. Educate patients and potential prospects about how pain is really the last step in dysfunction. It’s the body’s cry for help, and that there is almost always an underlying joint, nerve, or muscle dysfunction that needs to be corrected.

Aches and Pains (PD)The Body Is a Disintegrated Unit

Most people still believe that the body is a collection of parts. If the arm hurts, it has nothing to do with the spine. If the person has chronic headaches, then it’s a problem with the head, not the shoulders, thoracic spine, or neck, and certainly not the muscles in the neck. Why would they believe this? Because this is what their MD is telling them. Pull out your book and show them the human body, and how everything is connected together. Explain trigger points to them and how you can help.

Chiropractors Don’t Do Anything

Honestly, this is a stigma that a lot of chiropractors live with. Some don’t actually do anything. But, that’s not you, so explain in clear and simple language what you do, and what you do not do.

Chiropractors Only Work On The Back

Most people don’t know that you can also adjust the neck as well as pretty much any other joint in the human body.

You Have To Go Forever

This is something almost everyone is afraid of. Unfortunately, there are a lot of chiropractors out there who do operate under this model because they believe that the body is inherently flawed and is constantly returning to a state of dysfunction. Of course that’s not true, and your job is to explain that a lot of pain and dysfunction is the result of things like poor posture, lack of movement throughout the day, lack of strength training and conditioning, and general lack of mobility.

Adjustment Hurt

Adjustments typically don’t hurt, unless the patient has an underlying muscle dysfunction that prevents normal movement of the join that the chiropractor wants to adjust. But, this has to be an extreme injury like a diagnosed grade II or grade III muscle tear.

Most people don’t have injuries quite this serious and, even when they do, a Chiropractor can still alleviate some pain that may be the result of a compensatory mechanism your body has taken up due to the injury. You need to convey this fact to patients so they’ll get over their fear of seeing you.

By Bonnie Stephens

Bonnie used to work in the chiropractic field for many years. She now spends her days in her large garden, and her nights blogging about chiropractic and medical issues. Look for her enlightening articles on medical and health blogs.

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