Christmas can be a stressful time of year, so to make things easier, Travelzoo has put together this infographic identifying 7 key ways that you can easily become a Christmas hero.

Whether you’re wondering what to buy, how much to spend, or even how to avoid arguments, this infographic will give you solid advice which you can use to make sure Christmas Day goes as smoothly as possible.

The infographic below is based on a survey of over 2,000 Brits. They were asked about Christmas past, present and future, in order to determine what they love, and what they expect.

Some of the most surprising stats include the fact that men spend more, on average, than women. The average spend per person in the UK is £324, but men spend £356 and women spend £289.

Another interesting insight is the question of what people have bought themselves in the past year that gave them the most pleasure. This allows a better idea of what people would really be satisfied to receive on Christmas Day. Unsurprisingly, most people enjoyed time away, reporting that a holiday gives them the most pleasure. The least pleasurable self-bought gifts included Cosmetic Procedures, Jewellery and branded/designer goods – so these could be things to avoid if you want to give a great gift.

When asked which presents they thought would be inappropriate for Christmas, most Brits said a ‘re-gifted’ present – one that was unwanted by someone else. You should also avoid furniture, household appliances and sex toys!

These are just a few insights laid out in the infographic, but hopefully you’ll find some good inspiration for gift ideas in order to become a Christmas Hero this year! (Just try not to argue about what to watch on the telly!)

7 ways to be a Christmas Hero

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