New research from Labour Party reveals scale of tax credits cuts hitting working families – 71 Tory MPs at direct risk of losing their seats over the issue

New analysis released today shows that the Tories damaging tax credit cuts are hitting thousands of working families across the country. The numbers affected are so large, that these cuts risk costing 71 Tory MPs their seats in the General Election. These 71 MPs, including 26 new MPs in marginal seats, have more families losing tax credits than was their majority in May.

The figures are being released ahead of a Labour Opposition Day Debate on Tuesday 20 October, which will call for the Tories to end the work penalty and halt their plans to cut tax credits for ordinary working people.

The House of Commons Library has estimated that 3.2 million families  who depend on tax credits to make ends meet will be on average £1300 a year worse off – with some losing up to £3000 from their family income – if the tax credits cuts are not reversed.

Commenting on the research, Seema Malhotra MP, Labour’s Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, said:

GBP Cash"Tory MPs could lose their seats at the next General Election if they support George Osborne's tax credit cuts. These MPs face a clear choice on Tuesday – they can either join the many families and charities speaking out about these unfair cuts or vote to give thousands in their constituency a cut in household income of an average of £1300. Hard working families who are set to be affected will be watching.

"George Osborne and David Cameron have tried to spin and deceive the public that these cuts won't hurt working people and their families. It's now clearer than ever that this is not true, and it's time for Cameron to tell the truth."

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