Mobile phone and tablet ownership is growing incredibly fast; research shows that tablet ownership has more than doubled in the past year with 63% of smartphone users using the internet on their phones multiple times a day. Businesses simply cannot afford to ignore this trend says hibu.

Hibu says it knows through speaking with its customers that getting a website set up the way you want can be a daunting task, even without adding the complexity of making it mobile-friendly. If you've put off making your website optimised for mobile, you're not alone. Over the past few months hibu has audited 1,000 UK SMEs' websites, across ten different industries to find out how many are mobile-friendly and the findings reveal many small businesses haven't looked at this area yet.

To see insights from the research take a look at hibu's infographic below and download the full mobile audit report as a PDF (Hibu UK Mobile Opportunity_Jan14).

The research shows that almost three quarters (74%) of UK SMEs' websites are not set up to enable customers to research and make purchases on mobile devices. It also found that a huge 88% per cent of SMEs' websites do not support viewing on the iPad (4th gen).

Small businesses have a great opportunity to gain a competitive edge if they are willing to take on the mobile challenge. For more advice about ensuring your business has a mobile-friendly website, contact the hibu team (

The media alert providing an overview of the findings is available upon request by emailing:

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Hibu Infographic

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