This is no ordinary animated film, it is a dark post apocalyptic film with a heart and sackcloth that is glorious in the Blu-ray high definition format.

Who would have thought that Elijah Wood would end up on a quest to beat an evil foe in a dark castle again, only this time its an amulet and not a ring which the film revolves around as the central piece of jewelry.

Aside from that its quite brilliant, Elijah and a star studded cast lend their voices to the 'Stitchpunks' who are little machines with sackcloth bodies who outlive humans after an apocalyptic war between men and machines.

"The Scientist" who invented the Stichpunks did so to send them out on a mission to do something that I am not going to tell you because it would ruin the film for you.

The plot is not too heavy on the old grey matter but its the presentation of the dark apocalyptic vision by Shane Acker (The film's director) and co that make it a must watch.

The Stitchpunks are beautiful and fragile creations and they point towards the frailty of humans who they are haphazardly made in the image of.

There is also a strong theme of the creator and the created in this film that works on many different levels but doesn't go into too much detail which leaves plenty to the imagination.

The gloomy landscape and the leftover parts of a decaying world slowly losing the imprint of mankind on the earth's surface is quite haunting.

There is something romantic in old bits of twisted metal that only a boy who grew up in the South Wales Valleys can truly appreciate.

This landscape of rust and ruin is familiar to anyone raised in town which has seen better days after being bulit on Iron and Steel only to be thrown on the economic scrapheap.

If your playground was an old Iron works and your grandfather's shed had torches and parts of old machines dating back to world war II  then this film will take you back to an enchanting place in your childhood.

This may seem like reminiscing on a depraved childhood but there is magic in that old oily junk which now is deemed as antique. This film shows us that all our modern trappings fade, rust and eventually become used in ways they were not intended.

If you're into recycling then rent this film out or buy it.

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