It has transpired that only about 13 million of the 132 million swine ‘flu jabs ordered have been delivered and only 4 million (3% of those ordered) have actually been used on patients.

Now, because of poorly drafted contracts the UK may be forced to accept the rest of the (possibly £1.2 billion at £9 minimum per shot) order, which is now redundant. This of course at a cost to the rest of our health infrastructure. This is galling when one considers that only half that amount would have been sufficient for our needs by all accounts.

Many would consider this money well spent as an insurance policy if it just saved one solitary life. Many believe it was a waste of resources in response to media hype and pharma pressure. The whole swine ‘flu problem has been the subject of intense media coverage to the extent that you get the impression that some were hoping for a ‘Black death’ scenario of bodies heaped in the street. Good for copy but bad for sales as there would have been no-one left to read them. The few that questioned the true extent of the problem were ignored.

Now, I know that government is always under pressure and will be damned if they do and damned if they don’t. But in this case they seemed to be very willing to be damned if they do.

Let’s put this in perspective. What they did in response to Swine ‘flu would be like the MOD spending excessive amounts of money on helicopters in case we went to war and needed them. Or possibly buying enough body armour and properly armoured cars to ensure the safety of every soldier as far as is practicable.

Why the massive spend on vaccines for an unproven possibility, but nothing for a proven certainty?

While the government was spending money on these vaccines they were planning deep cuts on another insurance policy, our defence forces, just at a time when a bit of extra gunboat diplomacy in the South Atlantic might not go amiss.

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