With rising rental pressure coming to bear on tenants and many experts predicting that a housing shortage will lead to rising house prices in the future many people will be looking for a cheap place to buy while they can.

That may seem a tall order but one builder, Miller Homes, may be offering just that.

According to the Liverpool Echo, Miller Homes are offering their two bed room ‘Castlewood’ apartments in its Connaught Green development in Anfield for the princely sum of £79,950.

With an open plan stainless steel kitchen/diner/lounge area with a three aspect view, the apartments have two bedrooms with the master having an en suite facility. They also have private courtyard parking.

So for anyone with the financial wherewithal to purchase one of these this could be what you are looking for.

But as ever with property, look on it as a place to live. Also consider that if the pundits are wrong and house prices drop further you may be left with a place you cannot sell for a few years. So make sure that it will suit you for some time to come.

There will of course also be quite a few BTL investors with money to place sniffing about as well.


Miller Homes – Castlewood style

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