Christmas is over but one thing is for sure and that is our nation has been taught how to make a real gravy by Jamie Oliver.

Over the Christmas period my wife and I sat down to watch a series of programmes with Jamie Oliver and his family cooking various Christmasy type food.

Some of this food was contemporary the rest was traditional but it was good to watch and Jamie's presentation reminded me of the warm simplicity that Keith Floyd used to fill his shows with.

The show featured the usual how to make this or that blah blah blah but it was jolly good fun because Jamie works a camera very well and the gravy which he made with his wife was absolutely amazing. I have never tasted gravy like it before and I have eaten traditional cooked dinners all over the country with a stomach to prove it.

Now our James is a bit of a wizard when it comes to the kitchen and unlike many television chefs he manages to enthuse the viewer into actually getting off their backsides and attempting to recreate one of his superb recipes.

My wife was a fine cook to start with but since buying some of Mr Oliver's cook books and copying recipes from the television, she has blossomed into a master chef to the point where I no longer have the desire to eat out because most restaurants do not come close to the quality of cooking that I now eat at home.

Now I am not saying that the other television chefs are inferior to Jamie, but he makes you get up and do it and has put his whole heart into improving the quality of food for our children so he is a man we should sit up and listen respectfully to when it comes to the food we put in our mouths.

I could go on all night about the many virtues of Jamie and Gordon Ramsey (an article for another day) etc. but that would be boring so I will end this by giving some damn fine advice and that is…..go and buy some of these guys' books because they can cook and if you do as they say you will also be able to cook.

You must try Jamie's Thai green curry, it is out of this world and one thing my wife learnt the hard way is you must follow his instructions and try not to deviate too much because he does know what he is talking about.

I persuaded my wife to change a few things on the green curry and it was a disaster, that's probably why it doesn't say "After making your curry paste then ask you husband who knows nothing about cooking how to finish the dish"

The backward inhabitants of a city in America that I will not name may have reduced the nation's favourite chef to tears, but you can't educate pork Jamie but you can stick a skewer up it's backside and roast it.

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