At a time when you seem to be surrounded by bad economic news and dodgy bankers and politicians it’s good to see a ray of sunshine burst through.

A young girl who found a wad of cash and returned it to its rightful owner with no thought of reward has been rewarded reports Shine from Yahoo.

Abbie, the eight year old daughter of John and Jennifer Jacobson from Scarborough, Maine, found a bag containing over $4,000 in cash, some Cambodian currency, a debit card and some gold jewellery as well as a University Credit Union card with the owner’s name on it. They handed it all in to the police.

People losing sort of stuff would normally report it but would probably do so in the belief that it was time wasted.

But in this case the owner, Ra Rim, was lucky and the money and goods found their way back to her. This allowed Ra Rim and her husband, Sa, who are Cambodian immigrants, to make the trip back to their homeland they had been saving so hard for.

And when you consider that little Abbie has severe asthma, which costs a lot and the family are not rich, you realise that good is still all around us. And the family said that on finding out how the Rims survived the brutal Khmer Rouge regime it put their lives in perspective.

When asked by a reporter what she would do with $4,000 Abbie replied that she would go to a Justin Beiber concert.

Then they thought no more about it until a few days ago when the story came to the attention of John Everets, the Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Bank of Maine. "This is a chance to do something nice for a beautiful little girl," he said and the bank’s senior vice president, Renee Smyth, managed to come up with the tickets. So Abbie will now be seeing Justin Beiber live in Boston in Nov 10th along with her parents, older brother and sister.

There are rewards out there for being good after all. What an uplifting story as well as a testament to good parenting.

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