Yves Saint Laurent has reformulated its Touch Eclat, into an unfragranced brand to be used by men who want to improve their skin. This follows the launch earlier this year of 'Guyliner' and 'Manscara' by Superdrug. The male grooming market has ballooned over the last few years and the industry is estimated to be worth about £700m in the UK.This market is now widening out from the usual shaving, hair, moisturisers and deodorants into general cosmetics more usually associated with the ladies. With men becoming more aware of their looks, this may see it grow in time to rival the size of the female market.

Just a few years ago, outside of theatrical circles, this would have been viewed with surprise, a few decades ago with almost outrage. But things move on, maybe into a more foppish age.

Call me old fashioned, but the thought of being crammed into the London underground or bus with a bunch of city boys (of all ages) preening themselves in front of hand-held mirrors touching up their lippy frankly fills me with horror.

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