A new world order is coming and we are sleepwalking into it

A new world order is coming and we are sleepwalking into it
June 19th, 2012
Author: Richard Henley Davis

For the past six years or so our leaders and economists have told us that no one could have seen this financial crisis coming, they were lying.

There comes a point where you have to stick your neck out and say it as it is, regardless of what your peers and the media think about your conclusions and that is exactly what I am going to do today so here goes my reputation.

Let's start not at the beginning but a relative point of reference which everyone can relate to and I am deliberately going to keep this simple and not join all the dots.

In 2003 I began to notice that there was a very odd recurrence  every time I went to my local bank.

Upon entering said bank I was continually asked if I wanted to take out a loan or mortgage/re-mortgage under the premise of us being in a stable economic environment with assured house price rises and by 2005 the simple passing question of a loan by the bank clerk had progressively turned more and more aggressive.

As long as a person was able to sign their name, cheap credit was available if not almost forced on people, and so a culture of personal debt swept across the globe.

You could not turn on the television without some refinancing r credit card advert being repeated and drummed into the psyche to the point where if you did not have debt, you were the odd one out.

Television shows encouraging the housing and debt boom sprang up to cater or rather cultivate this mood of greed dressed up as a right to prosperity regardless of consequence.

The global property boom then began turning into a property bust thanks to some very complicated debt products being passed off as assets on the balance sheets.

It does not take a degree in economics to work out that at some point this pyramid scheme was going to fall and there were plenty of  pundits out there continually warning us of this, yet our politicians and many economists were apparently taken totally by surprise when the credit crunch arrived and still the 'Cassandras' are branded as conspiracy theorists.

I knew right then that this surprise expressed by the then Labour government was not just a front for the public but a downright lie.

You don't have to wear a tin foil hat and sleep with a copy of survivalists weekly to realise that governments do lie to us, that has been proven time and time again so why have we been lied to about this so called financial crisis?

A rational man can end up justifying the most irrational of scenarios when all obvious explanations have failed and the only conclusion that holds any water is the crisis was and is orchestrated in some way.

But to what ends?

Well the ends have become self evident and hinted at by some of the proposed solutions to the debt crisis and also in the power structure in Europe where titles are handed out left right and centre (excuse the pun) and there is whiff of a quasi-religious belief in a federalist European superstate.

And don't forget those who have benefited directly by the release of recent bailout funds in Europe where former employees of some of the most powerful banks in the world now hold unelected political positions such either placed prime ministerial or heads of central banks and it is they who get to decide as to whether or not public funds should find their way back to the vaults of their previous employers.

World/Eurozone leaders have come up with only one solution for the immediate debt tsunami in Europe and that is tighter fiscal and political relations where citizens (you) of member states must surrender their democratic rights and the most indebted nations hand over private and state assets to the larger nations (Germany) in order to justify such bailouts to their respective electorate in a wealth extraction exercise reminiscent (OK subtler version) of that taken by Germany in World War II.

Strong inappropriate terminology? Tell that to the mothers leaving their children on the streets of Athens in the hope that someone will be able to feed them thanks to the austerity demanded mainly now by Germany.

But a federal Untied States of Europe is exactly the kind of centralisation the pro-integration lobby have been fighting for and the solutions to the debt crisis presented to the electorate by the pro-integration parties clambering for votes in member states are propagating needless fear to the electorate.

Debt is only debt when it is agreed as such and the assets on which the crashing Spanish/global property market is based were bought with money that was created by the banks themselves and what is money other than a medium of exchange manifested as a promissory note.

As for public spending, that is based on a government's ability to convince the bond markets that they have the future ability to honour the nation's debt by continually growing in a world of finite resources and asset bubbles.

The problem is the global financial system is broken and can only function in it's current form for a given period of time up until the generation as yet unborn will agree to service the debt with no benefit to themselves.

There are only two conclusions to be drawn here; either our leaders knew that the system would break or they did not through passive incompetence and the latter seems highly improbable due to the resources and information at their disposal whilst in power. They had huge government (and supra-government) machines servicing them don't forget.

So they chose to not inform the public of this matter because, whether they just wanted the bubble to pop on someone else's watch or the alternative, it does enter the realms of conspiracy theory, and I am not going to go there but I will make two predictions that will sound like a very familiar conspiracy theory.

In fact as China, America and Saudi are being tapped on the shoulder for a handout to save Europe so one would imagine there will be guarantees expected which, may back up the predictions below.

We will either see the end of democracy and total global unification to maintain the status quo sold to us as the only way to return to the previous living standards in the developed world.


The entire system collapses taking us back to the dark ages from which will arise very quickly a solution, which will be the end of democracy and total global unification sold for the same reasons as above because European integration won't go far enough to provide long term stability.

A New World Order. With the global unification being in the form of a carve up between like minded 'worthy' people.

Let's hope I am wrong and above comment article is born out of delusion through compounded distrust won by politicians and unelected technocrats.

Earth-Public Domain (NASA)

Earth-Public Domain (NASA)

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22 Responses to “A new world order is coming and we are sleepwalking into it”

  1. Root Striker says:

    I remember when anyone warning of impending economic doom was called a conspiracy theorist and worry-monger. They were warning that we shouldn't have approached economics in the way we did but were told to get rid of their tin-foil hats and enter the 'real' world as a financial meltdown was impossible.

    Now politicians and mainstream economists are warning us of economic armageddon unless we …… get this ….. keep doing what got us here in the first place! Now who's wearing the tinfoil hats??

    • Joe says:

      I totally agree.
      FK THE NWO!

    • Debbie Myers says:

      Ron Paul warned us for years of the financial meltdown. He warned us of the housing bubbles, bailouts and quanitative easing (by the federal reserve). Now the mainstream media and the establishment are ignoring his run for president even though he has the delegates that will be in Tampa. It seems that they are declaring Romney the nominee with documented election fraud. The only time Romney is ahead is win someone else is counting the votes!

      The state conventions with people demanding accountablity show Ron Paul with the majority of delegates. When they have a rally – Ron Paul has between 2,500 & over 10K. Romneys largest crowd was about 1,200. Something is wrong here, very wrong.

  2. Phil Grimm says:

    Respectfully, Richard, I disagree.

    I do think the politicians have had a pretty good idea that the system couldn’t continue indefinitely for decades. But properly managed it could have continued for rather longer than currently seems likely. Therefore generations of “leaders” felt that it wasn’t going to go bang on their watch so they ignored the underlying frailties and focussed on providing higher standards of living to the population to keep them happy.

    Incidentally, public spending relies 80% on taxation even in Britain!

    I do believe that organisations like WTO, IMF and the World Bank are instruments of the global banking cabal which have pushed globalisation for the benefit of the rich in particular but the developed economies more generally. But ever increased consumption fuelled by an out of control debt bubble was always a mistake and difficult to get back in the box to resume a NICE economy.

    I don’t believe in the all conquering NWO and I don’t believe they think they can wipe out democracy. They will have to go back to the dark ages first. It will take too long to be of benefit to the current generations and is too big a risk to put so many billions of people in fear of their lives with little to lose in ganging up on the elites.

    The experience of the Euro has shown that pushing everyone into a single currency inevitably bankrupts the poor nations who can’t devalue to compete or relies in the rich countries to pay for everyone. Seen the movie; got the T-shirt; ain’t going down that road!

    No. The system was badly designed and the really clever central bankers have lost control. They’re not out to get us and they’re worried that failure to get things under control will see us out to get them in a very uncivilised manner. Man can’t control the weather either. Think Hurricane Katrina on a much bigger scale. It’s really scary and it’s coming sooner or later.

    • Anonymous says:

      Except they know they can't plan or centrally control economies, and had to know that it would fail. As Root Striker (nice name by the way) says above, people were called names for warning that the system was unsustainable and now in response to the expected fallout everyone is being told to keep doing what got us in this mess in the first place or to even do far more of it.

      So either they're pretending to be the smartest guys in the room in an attempt to justify their power and privilege, or this has all been orchestrated to serve some sort of agenda.

      • jacqui butterworth says:

        You have not read about HARRP then google it-they are controlling the weather-thats why its crap. Never in all my life have I known such flooding! While you are at it google Chemtrails as well.

    • Dear Dear Mr Grimm, good to see you again.

      I agree the NWO phrase is just for effect but I disagree when it comes to how much they can achieve in relation to destroying democracy.

      Just take a look at what our leaders/global elite have gotten away with over recent years right in front of our faces.

      Unfortunately I have found that human beings are extremely malleable and it takes the smallest of shocks to impose a totalitarian regime which we basically have approaching in all but name.

      I doubt any cabal would come out and say "We are the NWO, do you like our brown shirts? get used to seeing them"…..

      Over the years we have been lead to believe that the economic construct which underpins our system is an organic, sophisticated beast which can be left to it's own devices yet monitored with the occasional nudge when necessary.

      Yet this monitored beast somehow apparently broke out of its cage and started to eat the very fabric of society itself whilst under close scrutiny from said observers currently residing in the digestive tract of said beast.

  3. Robert King says:

    A so-called new world order was foretold in Bible prophecy. It will be the rule of the last kingdom of man before Christ's kingdom takes over

  4. Jane says:

    Why stop at NWO? It is predicted that there will 10 heads/princes, 3 of which will be deposed & replaced by one who will 'rule them all, & in the darkness bind them.'

  5. Jude Hurin says:

    The Bible, God's holy Word, has already warned us of what is to come at the end times. This new world order strategy has been in place for a very long time, but in the last few years has arrogantly raised it's satanic head. It is the goal of these global elites and political officials to destroy the world economy so they can justify their global economy, religion, and order. This will occur soon because it has been told by God's Word, but the most important message you need to hear is that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the one and only living God. Through Jesus you can be saved. Jesus loves you and wants to have a divine relationship with you, not a religion. Jesus already knows your past and loves you regardless. Nothing can seperate you from the love of God once you have accepted Jesus as your personal Saviour, Lord, and King. Call out to Jesus, ask Him to forgive you of your sins, and ask Him to live in your heart. Seek out a Bible based Church and start to grow closer to Him. You will have the Holy Spirit to teach, guide, and strengthen you. Time is VERY short. Don't leave this earth without Jesus, please! Choose Life and choose Christ. God bless.

    • Dawn Abel says:

      Thank you Jude for your comments. What you say is so true. Yes, this NWO is prophecied in the Holy Bible precisely. A wise person will study God's Word, the Creator of the universe, and seek God with all their heart. The Bible says, "That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved." Saved from what? Saved from paying for your own sins in the lake of fire forever. Jesus died to pay for our sins. But we must accept His gift of pardon and not try to obtain heaven by our own righteousness. God says our righteousness is as filthy rags compared to His holiness. The Bible says in Romans 3:23, "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God Christ's death) is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."

      • Cheri C says:

        I'm so glad to hear you ladies speak the truth!! We can not get to Heaven simply by being a "good person" … You can donate every penny you ever earned to any religious denomination you choose, spend your life preaching His word, never commit ONE sin in your lifetime and you still won't get to Heaven, unless you confess your sins to the Lord Jesus, believe that he reigns in Heaven on the right side of the father who brought him back from the dead to save us from having to pay for our sins by burning eternally in Hell. The Lord said that anyone who reads the entire book of Revelation from beginning to end will be blessed….. If more so-called Christians had actually read those God-made prophecies, then we all would have known and seen what is headed our way and not have made the terrible mistakes (as a Country) that we have and ended up in the position that we are now in. This country, in particular is saturated in sin…It is everywhere you look, on the news every day and on every street corner and household. I do believe that it has reached the point of no return and the only way to escape death is through Jesus to God…There is a mansion in Heaven sitting ready in wait for each and every person who repents his sins and believes in the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Jesus said that the joy and happiness we will have in Heaven is indescribable to us..It's not something we could even understand! Personally, I can't wait! I've spent the better part of my life being unhappy…I look forward to spending eternity in joy and serenity.

    • jim says:

      so truth

  6. Crystal says:

    How many different ways does Jesus have to say it before we hear Him? How many fulfilled prophecies will we miss before we wake up? The curtain is ready to rise and most of us are still in the lobby buying popcorn, while others of us are in our seats, anticipating that moment. As close as we are to His return, I believe I'd skip the popcorn.

  7. Richard says:

    I'd like to add a thought about a global ecconomic uniion or global government. I think that to sugar coat the deal that it will contain a provision that wll wipe out all debt, public and private world wide so as to give the new world order a running start. And yes, Crystal: Your absolutely right! That one world government, either at it's inception or not long after it's birth, the ruler of it will be the man we Christians know as the anti-Christ. I feel sorry for those that will live under it. As for me, when the lord returns I will be with him.

  8. edmund samph says:

    I recommend for those of you who are more visually oriented rather than print oriented go to website;
    to visually see what is coming to our world, many videos from the prophecyupdate DVD series.

  9. Dean says:

    Though it may be repetitive at this point I feel the need to put my .2cents in. Agreed, scripture through Many in history have said it will happen. And biblical prophecy reads like tomorrows newspaper. Robert, it will be. As mentioned in the article, it's arrived and is arriving as I write this, in all but name. Revelation 22:20…. Maranatha.
    For those awaiting and readying themselves….. I'll see ya in the air! 🙂

  10. LindaK says:

    Gods word warns us to be in debt to no man, this would certainly fit Richards sugar coating ploy of the Antichrist to gain the worlds allegiance by wiping out everyone's debt…(jjust a small detail we mustn't overlook, simply implant this tiny little Device into your hand or forehead as a small token of your allegiance to me) we must warn everyone we know not to fall for this "strong delusion"

  11. Karen says:

    This is nothing new. The Bible mentioned this years and years ago and we're finally seeing it come to pass. This world has no clue what lies ahead in such a short time. If you've never believed in the Bible, now is the time to. Everything that is happening now in the world was mentioned in the Bible years ago. Read the book of Revelation. Also Matthew 24.