In what some would see as shocking, a BBC documentary shows some EU negotiators mocking the UK as well as using unpleasant language about our Prime Minister.


Some people might find it shocking that members of the European Parliament’s Brexit coordinating team, led by Belgian Guy Verhofstadt, are shown by a BBC documentary to be disrespectful to the UK and using foul language when referring to the UK Prime Minister.

However, many other people would say it shows us exactly what they really think of us anyway and that, given Mrs May's performance so far, that part is probably justified – especially the comments about her now infamous twerking dance onto the stage.

The Sun lays it all out and the Eurocrats are not at all complimentary about the UK and its team.

In fact some of it would not be amiss on the football terraces, nor indeed on some of the more edgy social media channels. Male and female Eurocrats alike, were getting in on the action.

However, had the roles been reversed and male Brexiteers were to make those exact same comments about a female on the EU staff and they came out in a BBC documentary, then I think – well we all know – there would be a national outcry and calls for resignations, sackings and the usual tar and feathers.

But we all know there will be no such outcry by the usual suspects over this, don't we.

Part one of the documentary, called 'Brexit: Behind Closed Doors' will be shown at 9 pm tonight on BBC Four.

Now, for those that missed it, it appears that the hypocrisy meter hit the stops earlier this week when the very recent Turkish election was annulled with the main opposition leader, the CHP Deputy Chairman Onursal Adiguzel, Tweeted:

"This system that overrules the will of the people and disregards the law is neither democratic nor legitimate. This is plain dictatorship."

And then Guy Verhofstadt, the EU Parliament Brexit Co-ordinator who wants the UK to go back on its 2016 referendum result and is part of the two vote and get it right EU system of governance, Tweeted:

"This outrageous decision highlights how Erdogan’s Turkey is drifting towards a dictatorship. Under such leadership, accession talks are impossible. Full support to the Turkish people protesting for their democratic rights and for a free and open Turkey!"

So, as far as Verhofstadt is concerned, it's two votes for the UK to get it right and one for Turkey to get it right!

Yes, that hypocrisy meter was definitely stuck hard in the red zone!

Now, the Tories it seems have given up on winning the EU elections. The Times reports that they are going for a cut price, damage limitation European election campaign.

The report says that:

"Party chiefs are said to be sending only taxpayer-funded mailshots with the first wave of literature targeting postal voters due within days."

And it seems it contains a plea to not vote for the Nigel Farage Brexit Party as the Tories are claiming only they in government can deliver Brexit.

Hmmmm, sounds like their donors are possibly deserting them and that they're saving their money for a possible general election maybe.

Finally, I'd just like to point out what the Executive Editor of ConservativeHome said in a Tweet about this EU election leaflet that the Tories sent out. In the Tweet he wrote:

"The official Conservative Euro election mailshot leaflet says twice that passing the deal will prevent the election taking place – in the week the Government says that won't happen."

What a shambles and, as the Tory top brass knew they would and could never stop the elections, it was also totally misleading the electorate.

And with breaking news that the Leader of the House of Commons, Andrea Leadsom, saying she is seriously considering standing as a Tory party leadership candidate, you have to ask yourself why anyone would bother doing so right now, wouldn't you?


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