• 81% of business owners admit to working on holidays.

• 68% of small business owners feel unable to switch off from work because they’re constantly ‘online’.

• 44% confess to choosing holiday location based on ease of connections with work such as in a similar time zone or a wifi connection.

New figures released today reveal that 33% of small business owners have cut a holiday short by 1-3 days because of they did not want to be away from the office too long. Another 16% had cut short a getaway by more than five days and over a quarter (27%) had not taken a proper holiday due to work commitments in over three years, according to a survey conducted by online freelance marketplace PeoplePerHour.

Perhaps unsurprisingly 81% of small business owners admitted to working while on holiday. A third of those surveyed said they worked between two and three hours every day while away and a surprising 14% said they worked more than five hours each day. Nearly half said that work related stresses led to unsatisfying holidays (43%), another ten percent said they would rather not take a holiday than deal with pressures while away.

Holioday 2 (PD)

Concerns while on holiday included the worry of lower employee productivity whilst the boss is away is (26%), losing prospective business leads (22%) and not being contactable in the event of an emergency or crisis at work (11%).

One man bands found help by hiring freelancers (27%) to take charge of some or all of the workload. Other results show that those with 5 employees or less were more likely to worry about the day-to-day operations while abroad than those who had a workforce of 6-10 employees.

When it came to choosing a holiday destination nearly a quarter (23%) based their decision on wifi connectivity and another 21% chose where to go based on being in a similar time zone so they could interact remotely with their team.

53% of business owners and employees promised their spouse they would leave work at home for the duration of the holiday, yet 34% broke the agreement less than 48 hours into their break and 14% of the deal-breakers confessed to working in secret.

Xenios Thrasyvoulou, Founder and CEO of PeoplePerHour comments:

“Entrepreneurs are notorious for not being able to switch off, but in my experience taking a real holiday can truly benefit your business. No pressure to come up with ideas is often the solution to finding your best idea yet.”

“Taking an idea and nurturing it into a business is a hard process, cut throat decisions and dedication is required but when it comes to holidays business owners need to realise that some rest and relaxation from work can only be a good thing. Various studies including figures from ONS all find that finding a work-life balance is important to well-being. You need to have trust in your workforce be confident in their ability to understand what to do for the relatively short time you are away.”

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