Is it just me or has this been overall the quietest Guy Fawkes night on record? As a once owner of a pet dog I am not one that is particularly impressed with sparklers, rockets and Catherine Wheels so I do not generally venture out on Nov 5th. But when sitting indoors I am generally overwhelmed with bright flashes and bangs that sometimes shake the windows.

Tonight though, apart from the odd sparse rocket  … nothing. Is it the same across the country, or is it just isolated to my area? I suspect not. Please let me know.

Two thoughts spring to mind. Has the PC brigade’s health and safety drive finally put paid to back garden displays in favour of big central affairs? Or has the recession bitten so deep that people can’t afford to, or won’t, celebrate?

Another aspect of this has been the total lack (as far as my locality is concerned) of the normal September / October lead up to Nov 5th with all those adolescents letting off fireworks late at night ( because they were of course the first to ever think of the idea).

This is sad on several fronts, the most significant being the start of a possible further decline in the observance of UK traditions.

I will add a further observation. Oct 31st, Halloween night, was also the quietest I have seen in many a year. I may be a sad old git who reluctantly accepts US habits, but the last few years the door bell has rung incessantly, this year not one call from excited children all proudly dressed up as Dracula expectant of a sugary reward.

What are we seeing, the end of another UK tradition? Or the hard cold bite of recession?

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