Waitrose trading update for week ending 2nd January 2015 from Marketing Director, Rupert Thomas.

Total divisional sales excluding fuel were down 2.3%.

New Year's Eve celebrations across the country saw strong ​sales of premium​ items​. Dry aged beef rose by 26% while​ caviar sales​ climbed by a steep​ 700%. Party food was also a top seller; sales were up by 69% compared to 2014, with breaded prawns​ and mini Beef Wellingtons topping party hosts' shopping lists.  Champagne was the tipple of choice for shoppers ringing in the new year, as sales rose by 8% last week. A favourite among those who chose to toast to 2016 with a beer was Curious Brew, a craft lager made using sparkling wine yeast, with sales increasing by 116%.

After a festive season of indulgence, shoppers kicked off the new year with good intentions, as fruit and vegetable sales soared. Sales of raspberries were up 33%, blueberries increased by 22% and avocados rose by 40%, as healthy eating resumed. Salad ingredients also did well despite the cooler weather, with nutrient-packed beetroot sales up by 25% and radishes up by 145%, compared to this time last year.

Waitrose 1A fresh approach to the new year also had a positive impact on sales of cleaning and laundry products. Shoppers were taking some of their holiday time to ensure a sparkling start to 2016, with bath and kitchen cleaning products sales rising by 17.5% year on year, dishwasher table​ts increasing by 11% and laundry gel up 9% compared to 2014.

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