ABBA, who are Sweden's best known musical export, have been on the shelf since they stopped performing and recording together with no signs of reuniting. But now singer Agnetha Faltskog has hinted that she may be interested in doing a one off gig for charity.

Agnetha has in the past quite vehemently opposed the idea of reforming after shying away to an island close to Stockholm after turning her back on the celebrity life. But in an interview with the Swedish magazine 'M' she has expressed a warming to the idea of taking to the stage again with her former band mates.

The singer and youngest member of the ABBA now aged 60 said "I just feel it would be fun to meet and perform together". She had in the past "overdosed" on fame and is still to this day uninterested in newspaper and television interviews. But now she says "We would not get together again for a tour like the Rolling Stones and some other old bands do. But I think we would all consider a one-off reunion, maybe for a good cause".

But Agnetha is not (or so we are told) in contact with other members of ABBA and therefore cannot speak for them.

In fact there is said to be a possible rift between herself and her former band mates seeing as their last appearance in public at  a gala opening of the stage musical Mamma Mia in Stockholm in 2005, at which Agnetha sat separately from the other band members and left the venue early.

ABBA never officially broke up as a band so for their legions of fans it has always been a dream that the band would reform and perform together once more.

Agnetha's former band mate and ex-husband Björn Ulvaeus has also opposed the idea of spoiling their legacy by reforming believing that it is better the world remembers ABBA as they were when they were young, exuberant and at the top of their game as performers.

But it's not over until the blonde lady sings.

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