Acer Corporate President and CEO, Jason Chen, was invited to speak at the UK Parliament yesterday on Taiwan’s development and future as a leader in computing, smart devices and electronics.

Chen was invited by the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for East Asian Business as guest speaker before approximately 100 attending guests. The purpose of the APPG is to facilitate the development of relations between businesses in East Asia and the UK.

I am most delighted to share my views at the House of Lords of how Taiwan, with its extensive IT knowhow, could play a significant role in the Internet of Things era,” said Chen.

Citing industry statistics, Chen highlighted that the Internet of Things (IoT) which encompasses digital devices, communication network and cloud computing, would culminate into an huge application and service business exceeding US$250 billion in revenues by 2020. Chen described that despite the mammoth size of data creation expected in the “big data era” there were still many reasons deterring users from choosing the cloud storage solution.

Jason Chen

Jason Chen

Chen expressed his hope for Taiwan, as a leader in computing, smart devices and electronics, to work with the UK to overcome existing barriers, build the IoT network and embrace the exciting future together.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has huge potential to transform our world and create many jobs for those on low income backgrounds as well. It was fascinating to hear of Acer and Taiwan's remarkable story as a leader in electronics and new emerging technology area's such as IoT”, said Lord Wei.

Founded in 2011, the APPG brings together Members of Parliament and Peers to help improve the understanding of Britain’s trade with East Asia.

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