A sigh of relief can be heard emanating from the tech guys at Adobe now that the panic is over and the flaw in their flash program which was brought to light after a few targeted attacks in early June has been fixed.

Some of these attacks came via email which left the computer vulnerable to malware that seeds booby trapped websites, which are being used by high tech criminals to hack back into those computers.

Steve Jobs who is the big cheese at Apple is not a fan of the Flash software and described it as "the number one reason that Macs crash".

Reader and Acrobat will also receive an update at the end of June which will sort out a bug that remedies PDFs being vulnerable to also being booby trapped.

With 95% of computers estimated as using flash, the fixing of this security flaw will be a real kick in the teeth for hackers who probably thought all their Christmases had come at once.

The new update contains 32 fixes to existing bugs and due to the high amount of attacks by cyber criminals, Adobe may be looking to do more regular updates as vulnerabilities are detected.

The Flash 10.1 which should have fixed the problems of the existing model is apparently a significant rewriting of the code and architecture of the software.

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