The strike has passed, thousands upon thousands of Public Sector workers walked out of work yesterday enraged at the ConDem government’s proposed destruction of their pensions.

George Osborne took to the despatch box earlier in the week and dispatched his autumn statement. I won’t bore you with the content, if you feel the need to subject yourself to more despair and gloom, watch the repeat on Sky News!

What I found interesting though, was that towards the end of Osborne’s speech he addressed the trade Unions stating that they should cancel the strike. He said that the vast majority of the general public support the government in this and, by implication; he was suggesting that they do not support the public sector workers. That they do not support the teachers who educate our children, the council workers who sweep our roads and keep out towns and villages clean and tidy, our social workers who look after the more vulnerable in society.

Osborne went on to say that the private sector cannot be expected to pay for unaffordable public sector pensions. This was re iterated only an hour or so later on Sky News by another ConDem team member who was also obviously reading from the script. He stated that a Range Rover worker, whose own pension had been adjusted, should not be made to pay for the public sector.

Both statements appeared to me to be slightly desperate in content and delivery, every effort was made during both to sway opinion towards the government and against the public sector workers. Finally the government has shown its true colours in relation to the strike and its distain for its workers.

In relation to the assertion that public sector pensions are paid for by the private sector taxes, in part of course this is true, but please, I’m sure you public sector workers will tell me that you too pay tax and contribute to you own pensions, and you probably resent the rhetoric from Osborne and Co that others pay for it.

As for the statement that the majority of the public do not support the strikers, well that’s not what a survey conducted on Twitter said; in fact it read 72% for and only 18% against the strikes! Not quite as the ConDemed would have us believe.

The fact of the matter is this, we have all got a bit sick of the Governmental stick with which we are being continuously flogged by this administration. Something else which sickens us all, and something which is somewhat swept under the carpet by Cameron, Clegg, Osborne and Co, is that they are all too quick to remind us that there is a financial black hole which needs to be filled, they are also quick to look to the public sector workers who keep our country moving to pay for it! Yet the Bankers will collect record bonuses again this Christmas, just as the strikers will collect a days less pay for standing up for themselves.

Let us all remember who is was who got us into this mess, the banks, not the teachers, hospital workers, court workers, council workers and others just looking to work hard and retire without having to worry about money, something which is guaranteed for the top bankers!!

Each time I hear Cameron speak I feel that he should take lessons from his name sake, James, in how to tell a story and have people believe it! Each time I hear Osborne speak I think to myself he should speak to his namesakes Ozzy and Sharon about how to engage with the nation and have them warm to him.

And then there’s Clegg, perhaps he should just ask his old mate Compo if he has any wine left!!!

Image by DFID – UK Department for International Development [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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