The Prime Minister should stop being nervous and defeatist about Brexit says the US Ambassador to the UK, Woody Johnson.

So there you have it, the UK should stop being negative about Brexit and grasp the opportunities.

The New US Ambassador to the UK, Robert 'Woody' Johnson, said there was no reason for a great country like the UK to be pessimistic and that he had not seen enough confidence over Brexit.

Featuring in a new Channel 4 documentary about the opening of the new US Embassy in Vauxhall London, he said:

How can a country with this great history, this great language, this great legal system and this great presence not be successful?

“The thing I want to get out more than anything else is an attitude that I feel I don't see enough in this country and that is a confidence for where you are heading – light at the end of the tunnel with Brexit.

“The British have always been experts and great business people, great business minds, so to see this defeatist attitude towards Brexit is a bit startling to me.

“I read nothing about anybody having a positive attitude towards Brexit or towards the future. As an American I'm just not used to that.”

The simple answer to how a great country like the UK ends up with reduced confidence and increased negativity is when it is constantly talked down by those that wish it to be subsumed into the EU.

When its history is denigrated by those who wish the UK brand to be trodden into the dirt.

When its children are constantly taught that the UK has no worth, that their own culture is bad and that only foreign culture has any value at all.

When the people of that country have it rammed down their throats that flying their own flag is a racist act and that calling for control over their own laws, borders and money is unacceptably xenophobic.

And when protesting against the so-called 'progressive agenda' becomes an illegal act.

That's how!

Now to the Airbus situation.

Airbus has made a statement saying that, should the UK leave the EU in March next year with no deal being agreed, it would have to reconsider its investments and its long-term footprint in the UK.

Of course the Remain minded are pitching this as Airbus is pulling out of the UK because of Brexit.

The Independent is running a piece saying that 14,000 direct employees and 110,000 supply chain jobs would be at risk.

But the Airbus press release does not talk about 'pulling out' it talks about footprint size and the amount of investment.

And the Independent also quotes Airbus senior vice president Katherine Bennett as saying that other Airbus divisions would 'dearly love' to have the work of making the aircraft wings.

And she told the Commons Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee that:

"We do build wings in China now, and believe you me they’re knocking at the door as a result of the situation that we’re in in this country."

China! Would that be the 29th member of the European Union that we didn't know had joined then? Now there's a short supply-chain.

No, China is outside the EU, which is where the UK wants to be, and that great EU company Airbus is already making wings outside the EU in China.

Then there's the recent WTO rulings with regard to Airbus and Boeing. Now, depending on which side of the fence you sit will dictate what you think here. Was Airbus taking dodgy EU money and getting an advantage, or was it dodgy dollars propping up Boeing?

Both companies are calling the WTO rulings as a victory. With Boeing stating that Airbus got $22 billion in illegal subsidies from the EU, which it says clears the way for the United States Trade Representative (USTR) to seek remedies in the form of tariffs against European imports into the United States.

But Airbus is saying they get help in the form of repayable loans, whilst Boeing hasn't had to pay back the $20 billion it has received from the US, so giving Boeing a huge advantage.

This has still got a way to go and could end up being very expensive for both companies.

But one big point to note here, is that Airbus does not talk about relocating work from the UK into the EU – Airbus UK makes wings and so does Airbus China – and think about what the senior vice president said about the Airbus division in China knocking on the door to build the wings, she doesn't appear to mention anyone else.

So, while the Remainers do all they can to wreck Brexit, they could be the ones that cause a no deal and the move of Airbus wing making from the UK to China.

But even then, there will be the question of tariffs and incentives etc. Just doesn't make sense does it.

Also, cast your minds back to the case of EU car producers saying they'll stop using UK-made car components because the cars could no longer be classed as 'EU made' for trade deals. If Airbus wings are now made in China, how is it Airbus 'planes can be classed as 'EU made'? After all, the wings are the main component in any aircraft.

Let's see what Airbus itself says:

"…components produced by Chinese companies are currently found on all production Airbus commercial jetliner types. The total value of the Airbus and Chinese cooperation reached around $500 million in 2015."

So, in all a lot of factors to be taken into account here regarding Airbus and the EU.

But the argument is that they can't operate in the UK without a deal post Brexit, but can in China? Or is this just a kick in the shins for the UK government to pay attention to them and maybe offer them the odd sweetener? After all, how easy would it really be to move those operations?

A crisis meeting has been held with the company today says Number Ten, so we will see what transpires.

At the moment the big two are Boeing and Airbus. However, hovering in the wings (sorry about that – just couldn't resist it) are several budding competitors that could step in should those two trip each other up.

Apart from Bombardier – the main ones champing at the bit to break the Airbus/Boeing duopoly are, according to Business Insider, Embraer, Mitsubishi, Comac and Irkut. Maybe the UK needs to pick up the 'phone to these companies?

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