As a regular gym-goer I cringe after Christmas when the fitness and slimming business jumps into overdrive to cater for all those flash-in-the-pan New Year’s Resolution dieters and trainers. The good thing though is that it does keep costs down for me in the long run. Although I’m no expert, some of these aids seem to come with great claims but no real substance. Most of them are in reality just tripe.

Once more we have another fitness / slimming aid to come onto the market. And once again it claims to spot reduce fat and spot tone. The “Shake Weight” makers claim that using their new shaking dumbbell for six minutes a day will tone the arms and get rid of those stubborn ‘bingo-wings’. WAG Alex Gerrard has taken to promoting this device this side of the Atlantic with US host Ellen Degenere doing her bit over there.

I’ve done some trawling round the Internet and the overwhelming majority of fitness experts out there seem to say that regular whole body exercise coupled with a healthy and balanced diet is the absolutely best way to lose flab, tone up and keep the fat off. Almost all refute the concept of spot reducing fat. In my experience for example, doing thousands of sit-ups and nothing else gives you a strong abdomen but no six pack (just a single keg). Getting a six-pack takes a mix of full body strength and cardiovascular training.

There also seem to be conflicting claims for this device when considering the male and female versions. They are essentially the same but it is claimed that the girl’s one will give lean long non-bulked muscles, while it seems to be that the male version will bulk you up. You can see why I have a problem with that.

On the plus side the Shake Weight is cheap enough for you to buy and try, it’s easily stored and can be used in smaller spaces. But it won’t be much good for the bums and thighs exercises.

But if I’m wrong and it works for you then fine.

But the thing about this that really puts me off is the rather suggestive motion used to activate and use this device. This is not something I will be purchasing. Many people will though in their quest to find the body of their dreams for as little effort as possible. But within months, weeks, days or maybe just a couple of hours that new gizmo or diet juice will end up forgotten at the back of some dusty cupboard never to see the light of day again. The buyer may not end up any lighter, but their wallets will.

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