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Alex Jones claims Bin Laden 'mission' is a fake

Alex Jones claims Bin Laden 'mission' is a fake
May 3rd, 2011
Author: Richard Henley Davis

The controversial US radio host, presenter and researcher Alex Jones has made the shocking claim that Bin Laden has been dead for many years.

Speaking on RT, Alex articulated with his trademark passionate and dynamic delivery a view which directly contradicts and confronts the message sent out to the world by President Barack Obama in his speech yesterday.

Jones quoted an interview he did with a White House source back in 2002 saying "He died he is frozen, literally frozen and that he would be rolled out in the future at some date".

He went on to say that back in 2003 Madeleine Albright admitted that they had killed Bin Laden "Yes we have been told by intelligence that they've got him, Bush may roll him out but because they exposed that at the election they didn't do it."

Alex Jones is not the first to suggest that Bin Laden may have been killed nearly ten years ago.

In an interview with David Frost, Benazir Bhutto claimed that Osama Bin Laden had been killed and she herself was assassinated not long after the interview.

Bhutto said to David Frost "Yes but one of them is a very key figure in security, he is a former military officer … and had dealings with Omar Sheikh, the man who murdered Osama bin Laden".

Many have tried to say that Benazir Bhutto did not mean Bin Laden in an attempt to debunk the statement, however these debunkers fall short because the name of  "Osama Bin Laden" is too much of a mouthful to subconsciously get wrong.

If these statements by Alex Jones and the late Benazir Bhutto are correct it would more than explain the reason why the body has apparently been thrown over the side of a ship at sea.

The Americans may well have DNA video and photographic evidence of Bin Laden's body but are we looking at a thawed Bin Laden who, instead of hiding in the Pakistani and Afghanistan mountains, has actually been hiding behind the frozen peas and oven chips?

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21 Responses to “Alex Jones claims Bin Laden 'mission' is a fake”

  1. TooMutch says:

    The truth about bin laden dead is no more. The question NOW is other.

    The picture is all wrong yet again.

    There is no public information on the eradication of this demented faction… yes it's a faction of some sort of "doctrine" and "human culture".

    Just like democratic and republicans in the US… talking globally(we live in a globalized world) Like communist in China… new-liberals en Russia, etc.

    The question now is whom is going to lead this wako-jacko "human culture" faction?

    obviously names are starting to emerge on the media.
    Some from the own "movement"… some from infiltrated players from russia, china, japan, india, usa, uk, etc etc.

    The problem whit that is like it happen in the 60 with charles the chakal and is gang(with heavy ties with arab "nations" and arab extremists) they raised yet again with bin landen.

    And naturally if the demented wako-jacko "movement" is not distroid in 30 to 40 years yet again it will rise some wako like osama bin landen and like charles the chakal before him.

  2. edward goodpeace says:

    I so posed this will bring peace. but more to speak what one says its true. I think if some one who kills some one can freeze some one for a very long time then roll him out on a carpet to say he was dead . "a day ago" can give any one a cam corder and show d.n.a. evidence. to show every one , I heard once from some one that President Bush had Ben Ladden and hid him in the white house at one time.

  3. Aimee says:

    If OBL needed peritoneal dialysis treatments there is absolutely NO NO NO way he has lived for this long. NO WAY.

  4. meanstoanendgame says:

    All sounds serious and real watching the President's statement. It took them a little less than 10 yrs to do that ? And that oversized house has never been a sus ? The 2002 and 2003 statements besides the one Bhutto made are too many in such a short period of time to not be believed vs the current Bin Laden statement which IMO is nothing more than a political move on the chessboard. They are preparing BO for the next election as he was being prepared for many years prior to becoming President. Who are they ? Listen to Jones, Beck, Icke, etc.

  5. rich says:

    silly, silly people you are. nothing is true ever for you…

  6. neo says:

    This phoney story was cooked up to take the heat away from the birth cert issue and to start creating a hero legend for the shill in chief to get re-elected by the brain dead,.

  7. Jorge Sicre says:

    So the corpus delicti becomes a carp delicatessen. Don't you know that all the ships in the fleet have samples of Bin Laden family DNA on hand just in case they need to ID Osama in record time? Don't you know that, in keeping with their aquatic traditions (eg. camel='ship of the desert'), Bedouins prefer to be buried at sea and that hookah pipes are often used as make shift aqualungs? I live near Palm Springs and, in solidarity with other desert dwellers, we bury our dead in the nearby Salton Sea. That's why it smells funny. Hey, with all the other stuff we are asked to believe, this is just a drop in the ocean. To whit, I painted an ode to our plutocratic kleptocracy in '09 called 'We the Sheeple' . To see it, just go to: In fact, I encourage you to spread the word and avail yourself of these fine products. Stop the douche-bags buy a tote bag! It was down and I phoned to get it back up. Let me know if I succeeded.

  8. Tami says:

    Someone CAN live for years with peritoneal dialysis treatments . Here's the link corroborating this fact.

  9. OBL says:

    Yeah, Oud Beijerland in the news again, leave this lovely area alone…

  10. Dude says:

    If they faked OBL's death, why now and not close to the election?

  11. swarrs says:

    Just look at the polls day after OBL's killing and burial, If I'm not mistaken BObama's ratings went up 25%. What this means is better ratings for elections, how stupid do they think we are? So fake and any pictures would mean nothing to many of us. What next ? you be the judge!! no telling but get ready for the police state to increase operations soon with all the threat of bombings day after OBL's death, not like it isn't already happening with TSA, random drug testing in LA, marches in LA is just the beggining of REX84 / garden plot

  12. George Caldwell says:

    WTH . So you Idiots are going to believe a moron that has no proof that it is a fake, and a moron that goes around preaching all these predictions that never come true.
    Alex Jones has not provided anything solid to prove it is fake! And yet you idiots are going to believe his word over the word of navy seals and the president. WOW. Looks like old Alex is doing the brainwashing not big brother. I can't believe I ever listened to that idiots show.

  13. Hans Von Grunberg says:

    I think Alex Jones is a fake. And I also think Alex Jones forgets to use toilet tissue.

  14. ZachW says:

    There is no question that Bin Laden died on or about December 16, 2001. Alex Jones has superb sources and I have done some exhaustive research. Bush Jr. needed Bin Laden as a the fall guy for 9/11 and the reason to invade Iraq and Afghanistan. In fact, most high level sources reveal his was ill with Morfan's Syndrome at the time of his treatment in Dubai. The assassination was a complete hoax.

    Bin Laden was supported by many Intel agencies, not just the CIA but also British Intel and the Mossad. He was a courier who fed the the CIA created Afghani Al Qaida with funds and support against Soviet Union in the 80's. In the US there are many people who have studied Bin Laden. I have no fondness for this guy. However, he was not even on the FBI Most Wanted List for the 9/11 attacks for over 8 years.

    I wish people would do some research before just blurting out. What Alex Jones has stated is the truth. It correlates with mountains of evidence and research.

  15. Root Striker says:

    Now that Al Qaeda have come out and said that OBL is dead as well as his family confirming the US version of events (roughly) will everyone now acknowledge that Obama is telling the truth and that he died a few days ago.

    Or are you going to say that Al Qaeda and the family have been brainwashed, bribed or threatened etc?

  16. Mercedes Moore says:

    If Bin Laden was already dead or not ,does not make any difference for those that did not voted for

    Obama ,and know that Democrats are not good for this country.
    I did not voted for Obama and no matter what he does in the rest of his administration I will not vote for him ever.

  17. Johnny Nonsense says:

    Hey, you trusted the Government to give you sound money, did they? You trusted the Government about Iraq, were you smart for doing that? You trusted the Government about Viet Nam, was that smart? You trusted the Government about the war on drugs, was that smart? You trusted the Government about building7, do you really still believe what the Government is saying?

    Anyone in their right mind distrust anything the Government is telling them. They choose to do this for the same reason that people have always done this, it is hard to believe the Government you live under is evil.

    All powerful Government end up being evil. It is normal to not trust the Government and if you do trust the Government at this point, you are just to afraid of reality. Like Jones said, "I am the king of reality," and he is.

  18. Vanessa Callahan says:

    This is just too unbelievable and what I don't understand is why this doctor is just now coming out at this time to reveal that bin Laden was dead years ago? Knowing that the government was looking for him (or pretending as he says) couldn't he have come forward? And I'm also flabbergasted at everyone angry at Obama's so-called lies, but no mention of him mentioning that 9-11 was an inside job. Which in comparison is a more important cover-up than bin Laden's death. Where was this guy years ago? Why is he coming forward now, where was he during the commission?
    Smells real fishy to me. If he has information about what would be the biggest war crime perpetrated on the American public by the American government he should be shouting it from the rooftops from the very beginning. But, no, he waits until now. Fishy, very fishy.

  19. Mike says:

    Nobody more gullible than a conspiracy theorist! ;D "I'm no fool, no way I'll believe anything the government tells me!" Except you'll believe every crackpot theory put forth by any Joe Blow with a website, a few tidbits of innuendo and some books to sell. So done with the conspiracies…

  20. big says:

    @rich That's not true.

  21. Tornadotron says:

    Here is how Obama would show proof of Aliens using a new standard of proof called the obamaproof method.

    They saw a UFO hovering above an aircraft carrier and sent 2 secret jets to intercept. They managed to bring the UFO down, but one of their jets crashes into the ocean while the UFO ends up crashing on the flight deck. They go into the flying saucer and end up having a 40 minute firefight, killing all the aliens for no reason at all. They then destroy all the evidence of the flying saucer by throwing it into the ocean, claiming that they did it out of respect for life.

    Obama then interrupts you while you are watching TV to tell you the great news as he tries to keep a straight face while reading his teleprompter. Few days later, turns out that it wasn’t a firefight even though Obama and his buddies were apparently watching it live in the situation room with Hillary covering her mouth in shock. They made up the firefight story because they had no idea what actually happened inside their UFO. By the end of the week, someone posts on a UFO forum claming that they received a message from space, which came from aliens where they acknowledged that it was their spacecraft that was destroyed on earth.

    With Obamaproof, you can practically prove anything. Replace Osama with Santa, The Easter Bunny, Bigfoot or your favorite Disney character, toss your proof in a place where it can’t be found and get an authority figure to tell the story, and you've got an incredible story for the gullible.