Why has Katie allegedly put her cage fighting husband on a diet? Commentators in the media and blogs say it is because of two reasons.

Firstly Alex has apparently put on too much weight since they married, which might effect future money earning potential and secondly her ex-husband Peter Andre has been pictured looking ripped with perfect abs and looking like a Greek God on holiday in Dubai after being stuck out there thanks to the Icelandic Ash Cloud.

Alex and Katie have also had travel problems and became stuck in Egypt where Alex is said to have piled on the pounds whilst in contrast Andre seems to have been chilling out exercising and toning his body.

What I want to know is when are they going to get real lives?

Going on holiday makes these people money, why? they have become like chav royalty. Nothing against them as individuals, in fact I applaud the way they have managed to exploit the media whilst nearly no one has batted an eye lid.


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They are more than aware that they need the press to stay famous because Katie, Alex and Peter have no extraordinary talents and do not stand out in their fields as having natural talent.

Katie is more plastic than human, Peter is an alright singer but nothing special, his abs and looks made him famous years ago and Alex is an OK cage fighter and the two men do seem actually like decent chaps.

Not the brightest sparks but decent enough chaps but is this reason for them to fill the media?


All I can say is Diana left a void that we are trying to fill with extraordinary people.

Rant over.

p.s. I do feel sorry for Alex because he really seems to love his wife, what has he got himself into?

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