Troubled cage fighter Alex Reid has tuned to the stones of Stonehenge for some solace as Katie Price AKA Jordan offers him £50,000 as a divorce settlement, at least a hug from a Sarsen stone will be warmer than one from Jordan.

According to a report in the Daily Star, Alex is convinced Katie Price is trying to ruin his life and may have hinted that she is in some way responsible for shutting down his twitter account and website citing "dark forces" which could be construed as a knock at Katie.

Alex said to his legion of followers "My old account was removed… having to build up a new one 🙂."

So what does Alex and his mates decide to do?

Take part in a pagan ritual at Stonehenge of course.

Dressed in Druidic attire he pranced around whilst chanting in order to prepare him for the next round with Katie in their divorce.

A friend of Reid's said "He went to the stones to find peace and draw energy from the earth."

Alex and his legal team are annoyed that he has only been offered 10% of the $500,000 joint earnings between himself and Price accumulated during their time together and believe he is entitled to half of this money.

Now then….dancing around a few large rocks may not be the answer but there are too many reports suggesting Alex may be heading for a breakdown, so lets hope he finds some peace at this difficult time.

I have no idea why he is a celebrity but at the end of the day Alex is a human, if he genuinely loved Katie Price then he has a broken heart and they hurt like hell.

But they do heal in time.


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