A video has appeared on the internet showing a rather strange as yet unexplained phenomenon that looks like a stargate opening up.

No one actually knows what a stargate opening up would look like because stargates are officially consigned to the realm of science fiction, so what is behind this strange video which was taken by a webcam in Hawaii?

Well the rapidly expanding material in the video is distributed in a pulse yet fades very quickly suggesting a uniform scattering of material and energy.

According to various chatter on the internet this could be indicative of a Minuteman III ICBM missile ejecting a fuel load  at its third separation stage at least this is the suggestion of a a contributor to the astronomical forum, Starship Asterix.

This explanation has been sort of backed up by Gary Fujihara of the University of Hawaii's Institute for Astronomy "because the timescale of this episode is so short (and therefore quick), it would be atmospheric versus cosmic in nature. Perhaps fuel venting from a spacecraft or discarded upper-stage of a rocket?"

Apparently minutes before the strange event was captured on video on the webcam at the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope which is located close to the summit of Mauna Keathere, there was indeed a Minuteman III missile fired from the Californian Vandenberg Air Force Base at 3:35am.

The North east view of the pulse from the camera also tallies up with the relative position of the Vandenberg Air Force Base.

However this has not as yet been confirmed as the smoking gun/missile behind the pulse like bubble.

But then there are the conspiratorials who view the pulse bubble as part of the increase in UFO activity globally. The Pulse emanating from the direction of the constellation of Cassiopeia has even the tin foil hatters divided. Some think it is an energy discharge  from the opening of an intergalactic portal whilst others see it as a time travel event from our future selves.

With nothing confirmed you can draw your own conclusions…..

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