It looks like the conspiracy theorists were right all along. A statement dated the 22nd of March 1950 sent by special agent Guy Hottel to J Edgar Hoover has been released on the FBI's own website called The Vault.


The memo which refers to an earlier event (how early is uncertain) mentions 3 foot tall bodies wearing thin metallic clothing being removed from 3 separate flying disks which were recovered.

It is also mentioned that the government had high powered radar in that vicinity and it is believed that the radar caused interference which brought the flying saucers down.

UFO enthusiasts the world over are convinced this is the smoking gun they have been looking for and the holy grail of UFOlogy.

However there is concern by conspiracy theorists over the reason for releasing such information at this specific moment in time, which many believe is the end of the days as mentioned in the Bible or the end of the Mayan calender.

The US Government has officially denied any Alien encounters yet this memo suggests otherwise (unless there is some secret race living under the ocean of very short Atlanteans who like to wear baking foil).

Could it be that we are being prepared for something?

If Bible prophesy is proving accurate with regards to recent events and the hypothesis that these are the end times then it may be time to listen to Chuck Missler's thoughts on the Bible, end times and the role of UFO in Biblical prophecy.

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