The new austerity measures laid down by the coalition government mean that many of us will have to tighten our purse strings in the coming months. As a result, some may find that they are unable to keep up with their normal financial commitments. One option when struggling to keep up your regular payments is to look around your house in draws and wardrobes for old stuff that has been put away and is gathering dust.

Have you ever thought about all those old mobile phones, CD’s, DVD’s and said to yourself I must sell my things? Well, maybe now that you are being tightly squeezed, this is the perfect time. Below are some good ways to supplement your income and bust those winter blues.

Sell your old mobile phone – You’ve seen the adverts. If you’ve had an old mobile in your draw since your last upgrade, companies will compete to give you money for it. Newer models, particularly smart phones, attract top prices, so get rummaging through those draws!

Sell stuff online – There could be thousands of pounds worth of old items lying around your home which are taking up space and collecting dust.  Why not have a clear out and sell your old unwanted goods. Selling your old items online has become easy with many websites now specialising in exactly this. Try music for a start.

Cash back sites – You can earn money from shopping online. Cash back sites will pay you each time you buy a product or service from selected retailers, from your weekly groceries to switching your utility provider.

Pound Coins -

Pound Coins –

Display adverts on your car – Earn up to £250 per month for an advert on your car. The companies will insure you for any damage caused by applying or removing the adhesive.

Sell your digital photo library – Company websites, online magazines and corporate presentations require a constant supply of imagery. You can cash in on this by uploading your pictures to an online agency. The best ones will pay you 40% commission on all images used, which can make you up to £3.00 per picture, paid straight into your bank account.

Find a lodger for your spare room – Do you have a spare room which is doubling up as a storage area? Clear the room out and fill it with a lodger.  The government is so ashamed of the lack of affordable housing in Britain that it won’t even charge you tax on the rent you earn up to £4250 a year, under its ‘rent a room’ scheme. If you rent, this option is also open to you if you want to sub-let under the scheme, as long as your tenancy agreement allows for lodgers.

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