A survey of young Britons has established Alton Towers as the leading British icon amongst the country’s young.

The budget hotel chain, Travelodge’ surveyed 2,000 children between the ages of six and sixteen to ascertain their views on which UK attraction they believe to be the best British iconic landmarks as well as on Staycation breaks.

The results showed that children were more concerned about what the site had to offer as opposed to its historical significance when deciding on how much of an icon it was. As you can see from the results below, only four of those sites chosen are more traditionally thought of as 'British icons'.

The top ten are as follows:

1. Alton Towers
2. Big Ben
3. London Eye
4. Lego Land
5. Blackpool Tower
6. Hadrian’s Wall
7. Tower of London
8. Edinburgh Castle
9. London Zoo
10. Wembley Stadium

Ly considered as icons were included. Big Ben (the clock it seems though, not the bell), Hadrian’s Wall, the Tower of London and Edinburgh Castle.

The survey then asked them where they had been this year and what sort of places they had visited. The top seven came out as follows:

1. The beach
2. A museum
3. The zoo
4. A theme park
5. A national park
6. A safari park
7. An art gallery

Good to see that 46% of the youngsters asked had been to a museum this year.

On UK knowledge and Staycations many of the children asked did not know how many cities there are in the UK with one in ten thinking there are less than ten and many thinking there are between 20-30. (For the answer visit ukcities.) Some 37% do not know what the difference between a city and a town is.

Over a third of those asked believed that it was important to travel around the UK so as to better understand the country of their birth.

Over 25% of the children said that they would like to go to London ‘…to see the Queen, Prince William and Princess Catherine’.

10% want to visit the birthplace of Cheryl Cole, Newcastle and 20% would like to go to see their favourite football stadiums at Manchester and Liverpool.

On an accent basis London came out on top followed by Dublin, Newcastle, Edinburgh and then Liverpool.

Shakila Ahmed, Travelodge Spokeswoman said; “It’s great news for the UK tourism industry that today’s youngsters enjoy holidaying on British shores and that they appreciate the value of experiencing what makes Great Britain so great.”

Older generations grew up on Staycation breaks but it’s a lot more difficult for young Britons as parents are eager to visit foreign shores now; making it harder for their children to explore Britain. To help feed young Britons appetite for exploring the UK, parents need to invest in more UK breaks. It’s amazing what lies on your door step such as an historic city, beautiful coastal scenery or the British countryside which is world renowned for its stunning, scenic natural beauty.”

The youngsters’ top ten cities to visit are as follows:

1. London
2. Edinburgh
3. Manchester
4. Liverpool
5. Bath
6. Brighton
7. York
8. Belfast
9. Cambridge
10. Newcastle

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