The Environmental Investigation Agency together with the Humane Society International have revealed that profits from the sale of products from whale, dolphin and porpoise (cetaceans).

Using a disturbing video (below) the organisations are calling on to cease their support of commercial whaling by ‘immediately and permanently’ banning the sale of products from cetaceans.

The EIA’s report, ‘’s Unpalatable Profits’ shows that a wholly owned subsidiary of Amazon Inc, ‘Amazon Japan’, sells hundreds of such products. Some of these, says the report, are protected by the International Whaling Commission’s moratorium on commercial whaling as well as the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

Some of the items for sale are also products of the ‘infamous’ Taiji drive hunts as highlighted in the Oscar winning film ‘The Cove’.

Amazon is selling threatened and endangered cetacean species that are protected by two international treaties,” said Clare Perry, EIA Senior Campaigner “By allowing vendors to sell whale products on its sites, it is effectively helping to prop up an unsustainable trade that should have been consigned to the history books long ago.”

Further, EIA investigators that bought these products from Amazon Japan in 2011 found that six of the eight they purchased had mercury levels that exceeded the Japanese national limit of 0.4 parts per million (ppm). In fact one sample was found to contain a mercury level of 20 ppm, some fifty times the safe limit.

There is also the fear that many of these products labelled as whale contain dolphin meat, because one third of the 147 listed products did not include the name of the species, in contravention of Japanese labelling laws says the EIA.

Minke-Wikimedia Commons

Minke-Wikimedia Commons

If, as Amazon says, they are ‘constantly looking for ways to further reduce our environmental impact’ then all they need to do is ban these harmful products added Clare Perry.

Mark Jones, veterinarian and Executive Director of Humane Society International UK, said: “There is no humane way to kill whales, so the creatures slaughtered to produce the food products being sold by Amazon will have endured a bloody and painful death. Killing these remarkable giants of the sea for commercial gain is condemned by the majority of the world’s nations. As a global brand, Amazon must now act to protect both consumers from environmentally polluted products and cetaceans from the cruel exploitation of commercial whaling.” This is amply demonstrated in the horrific video below, which in truth probably shows just the tip of this nasty iceberg.

Image from Wikimedia Commons

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