The king and queen of Camden are back showing that their love goes beyond drugs and jail.

It wasn't long ago that they were on the front pages of the papers covered in blood from drug fuelled fights after which Blake ended up in prison and Amy ended up in a melt down and they got divorced in September.

Amy jetted off to St Lucia to recover from years of drug abuse, which had taken its toll on her ailing health and clean up for a return to the UK and music.

Blake did the Jail-House Rock and came off drugs inside prison so when they did meet up again it was as a clean yet divorced couple, but there was obviously more than a drug induced euphoria keeping them together.

The parents of both parties are I am sure very concerned about them reuniting due to their gargantuan drugs intake in the past, the two were caught in a death spiral of drugs and fighting that could have killed them both.

The couple have been spotted out and about together holding hands and kissing and bloody good on 'em, life is too short.

They are actually showing a generation that no longer believes in love that there are still fires alight in the hearts of some people and it's not all transitory.

They look healthy and they look happy so let's wish them the best because they  will need it.

All they need is a good wash.

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