As I drive towards the house of the Libertarian Party leader I don't know what quite to expect seeing as this is my first meeting with a political party leader. I am intrigued by the notion of libertarianism however I am also not sure that I am a libertarian and I need to clarify a few questions I have on what the Libertarian Party is all about.

I am however eager yet nervous….the question I have is will I receive a 20 min audience? which is pretty standard for such meetings.

I couldn't be further from the truth….I am warmly greeted by a gentleman with a warm and friendly demeanor who also exudes a degree of authority which you would expect from a political leader.

He makes us coffee and we get straight onto the business at hand and discuss at length matters concerning the state of the British/world economy and how the Libertarian party sets itself apart from the major political parties in British politics.

I am introduced to the notion of communitarianism and how it has become ever prevalent in our political system and is the heart of the middle ground politics in the UK which the main three parties fight over.

Communitarianism in a nutshell could be described as the state dictating the will of the community and the community dictating the will of the
individual. Which does seem to explain a lot of the reasons for the draconian measures and laws being implemented by the government over the
past few years. Europe has also controlled the U.K. which will in turn control Britain's regions if they are devolved any further.

The conversation moves on and I find it is refreshing to find such a knowledgeable individual who has excellent and in depth understanding of the fundamentals of microcosm/macrocosm economics and politics reaching from his
local area to the global stage.

Aside from the obvious questions about police control that surround the bulk of statements from most libertarian party supporters and members on the blogs, I wanted to learn about their economic policies.

Ian in some detail reveals to me the extent of waste in taxation that goes to pay for an ever expanding state and the practical cut backs that can be made through The Libertarian Party's policies. This is a business man who is no fool and as any intelligent man would I press him for breakdowns and stats to backup his claims which he provides without a moments hesitation.

He makes another great cup of coffee.

By cutting through the governing bureaucratic authorities that take up over 50% of the NHS funding we find an NHS that could operate on a system similar to private ones which greater efficiency and at a fraction of the cost that our current system works on.

I am left thinking that the Libertarian Party has some sound policies that are backed up by stats and common sense but I also see the extent to which Britain is now haemorrhaging money.

Before parting company I am taken on a guided historical tour of Blaenavon and the historical local economic bubbles are something that he has
obviously done his research on.

I leave with one definite confirmation….

I am a Libertarian.

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