Human remains discovered in Cheddar Gorge had a macabre and grizzly past where the skulls were fashioned into cups after the remains were cannibalised.

Dating back 14,700 years the brain cases were deliberately and carefully manipulated using stone tools by our ancient ancestors to create a crude drinking vessel.

Three human skulls, which scientists believe were used for holding liquid for drinking, are believe to be the world's earliest examples of human skulls being fashioned in such a way for such a purpose as well as being the first examples of ritualistic killing found in the British Isles.

Speculation over the reason for turning human skulls into cups has no final conclusion however it is clear that by looking into the already quantified and recorded behaviour of practices of early primitive tribes leads to a few possible reasons.

Firstly the skull cups could have been trophies of nearby enemies and that doesn't just include adult males seeing as the remains found contain parts of a three year old child so it would be fair to assume that the tribes were set apart and probably competitors for food.

The fashioning of the human remains was the same as that of the animal carcases which they ate leading the hypothesis of cannibalism.

Not much has changed when you consider the fact that the banking elite and political class are currently feeding off us, our children and grandchildren.

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